The Zodiac Sign You Should Be Best Friends With Based on Compatibility

An astrologer says these zodiac pairings make perfect pals.

Finding a best friend who you click with can be tricky, especially as you get older. There are some people you hit it off with right away, while others make you want to run for the hills. So if the stars can help you find your one true love, why not look to astrology in choosing your next platonic companion? Here, we speak with professional astrologer and author Lisa Stardust about which zodiac signs make the best friends and why. If you're hoping to expand your social circle in a meaningful way, read on to discover who you're most compatible with (and who you may want to avoid).

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Aries and Libra

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Aries is a feisty go-getter who thrives in partnerships that are dynamic, fun, and passionate. Ruled by Mars, the planet of action, energy, and passion, you approach every aspect of life with confidence and directness that others can't ignore. If you have your sun in Aries, you'll hit it off with someone who has theirs in Libra. Opposites attract in this friendship, and you two are a great match when you link up.

"Aries shows Libra how to be more independent and self-reliant," explains Stardust, "while Libra adds much-needed balance to your fast-moving lifestyle, offering help and advice to cool you off."

Taurus and Virgo

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As the sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and money, as well as being a fixed earth sign, Taurus is very selective when it comes to friends. You're mindful of guarding your time and energy and prefer friendships where you can be each other's closest confidant and cheerleader. If you were born under the sign of Taurus, you'll hit it off best with a Virgo. This stable friendship brings lightheartedness to both signs.

"Taurus and Virgo connect while enjoying earthly pleasures and enchanting evenings out together," says Stardust. "Virgo acts as [a sidekick] to Taurus while out, even accepting sound advice from their bull-headed buddy."

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Gemini and Libra

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As a social butterfly of the zodiac, it's hard for Gemini to find someone they don't get along with. But their perfect pal is a person who enjoys both deep intellectual conversations and nights out dancing until the early morning hours. Libras check both boxes, with as much extroverted energy and social savviness as you.

"These two signs know how to seek out airy pleasures and enjoyments together. Libra adds creativity to Gemini's intellectualism by opening their favorite twin friends up to exciting new artists and visionaries," explains Stardust. In return, Gemini teaches their lovely Libra friends about higher-minded pursuits. In this friendship, both signs gain knowledge, making it a true meeting of the minds.

Cancer and Pisces


When it comes to building a personal connection, you're in it for the long haul, Cancer. Sweet and sentimental, you are one of the most supportive and nurturing signs of the zodiac, so it's easy to be your friend. However, it's important that you surround yourself with equally empathetic people to ensure you have someone in your corner when times get tough. Charming and idealistic Pisces makes the perfect pairing for you.

"These children of the sea are both dreamy and sensitive beings, which makes them natural [best friends]," shares Stardust. "They innately understand the other, remaining close through time." This friendship is a match made in heaven, as you both intuitively understand what the other needs to feel seen and heard.

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Leo and Aquarius

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You've got a big personality, Leo. And it's definitely not for the faint of heart. When looking for an ideal best friend, you need someone just as unique, creative, and fun-loving as you. As the sign ruled by the sun, which rules our ego and soul energy, you are most interested in meeting people who subvert the status quo. That's why your best friend of the zodiac is none other than your sister sign Aquarius.

"Mutual respect and admiration bring these two together," says Stardust. "While the path to becoming [best friends] may be challenging, they will both try to put their differences aside and to make it work without rocking the boat."

Virgo and Scorpio

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Meticulous and orderly, you have a bit of an independent streak, Virgo. You don't mind doing things on your own, so any relationship or friendship needs to add tangible value to your life and can't be a source of frustration. As the sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication, you need a best friend with whom you can go deep and talk about life's greatest mysteries. Charming Scorpio may seem too closed off at first, but your stable, earthy energy is just the trick to get them to open up.

"Virgo and Scorpio bring out the best in each other, offering comfort and friendship in times of need," Stardust explains. "They both reassure the other of their devotion by helping calm anxieties and holding frequent deep intellectual conversations."

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Libra and Aquarius

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Busy and always on the move, Libras don't like to be tied down to one place or situation for too long. Life is a party, and you're looking to enjoy every moment of it. You need a best friend with an adventurous spirit and the ability to throw caution to the wind. Aquarians are quirky introverts who come alive in the right social situations, and you'll love having someone you can rely on to share all your secrets and gossip.

"These lovely air signs become [best buds] right away due to their mutual sense of style and need for autonomy in friendships," Stardust shares. You both crave freedom and do not like to be joined at the hip with a friend.

Scorpio and Capricorn

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It takes a lot to earn your trust, Scorpio. You are a sign that keeps your emotions close to the chest and likes to observe others before making a snap judgment about them. Therefore, you're likely turned off by more boisterous and attention-seeking signs. Rather, you look for the other introvert in the room—someone like practical and perceptive Capricorn.

Your friendship will also be set up for success based on your preferred ways to spend time. "Scorpio and Capricorn have the capacity to build a lifelong friendship due to their active lifestyle and hard work mentality," says Stardust. "Their individual desire for success can make these friends unstoppable when paired together."

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Sagittarius and Sagittarius

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Let's be real Sagittarius, you have friends everywhere you go. Your non-judgmental and carefree attitude attracts like-minded individuals whether you're on vacation or grabbing a latte at the local coffee shop. You love getting to know people and learning about different walks of life through exploring and communicating. When looking for a partner in crime, it's best to pick another Sagittarius who craves the same nomadic and adventurous lifestyle that you love.

"Their mutual enthusiasm for life allows these [fellow Sagittarians] to establish a firm friendship. Whether it be backpacking around Europe or camping on the Gold Coast, these two use their joie de vivre to heighten experiences together," Stardust explains.

Capricorn and Aquarius

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You have the reputation of only caring about work, Capricorn, but the truth is that you're just as dedicated to your personal friendships and relationships as you are to making money. As the practical and success-focused sign of the zodiac, you value and protect your free time and only want to spend it with people you know will help elevate your life. Like you, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure and maturity, so there's a shared understanding between the two of you. You both know how to work hard and play hard without jeopardizing all the things you've accomplished.

However, Uranus' added influence on Aquarius gives them an unconventional edge that you find admirable. "Fundamentally, these friends are similar. However, Aquarius adds a bit of wildness to the friendship, while Saturn offers structure," notes Stardust.

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Aquarius and Pisces

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You like to shake things up now and again, Aquarius. As the sign influenced by rebellious and chaotic Uranus, you prefer friendships that have an element of faithfulness, loyalty, and one-of-a-kind perspectives. You're not easily impressed by those who brag about their money, cars, and wealth. You prefer to connect with people on a personal level and get to know what makes them unique. Dreamy and elusive Pisces make the best friend for your sign long-term.

"This idealistic duo celebrates their friendship through creation, opting to pursue artistic endeavors such as art, music, and dance together," Stardust explains. Pisces will help encourage you to be less rigid and more free-spirited. And you will help Pisces expand their horizons and dream of a bigger future.

Pisces and Scorpio

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Trustworthy, supportive, and caring—who wouldn't want to be your best friend, Pisces? You know just how to make other people feel seen and heard, and you take pride in your ability to meet people at their emotional level. However, as the mutable earth sign ruled by dreamy and elusive Neptune, it's easy for you to become disillusioned with one-sided friendships. You need someone who will put just as much (if not more) energy into your friendship as you do. Fellow water sign Scorpio is your ideal match.

"These two use their emotional antennas to swim through life together, offering sensitivity and kindness through their transformative friendship," says Stardust. When Pisces teams up with Scorpio, all the world's problems seem to melt away.

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