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The Workout You Should Do, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Astrologers say these are the exercises that work with your energy, not against it.

Whether your work-from-home schedule has you feeling stagnant, or you're just looking to add some more movement to your daily life, a consistent and well-rounded workout routine can do wonders for your mind, body, and spirit. But the gym can get crowded, and gym culture can be intimidating to newcomers. Fortunately, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a personal trainer or even a gym membership. The best way to stay active is to find a workout that feels fun and works with your lifestyle. We've consulted the cosmos to determine the ideal workout for your zodiac sign. Keep reading to find out if you're primed for hiking, joining a spin studio, or doing yoga in your living room.

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Lauren Ash is an astrologer and culture writer based in St. Louis. You can follow her on Twitter or subscribe to her blog for monthly horoscopes and cosmic guidance.

Aries: Spinning

Asian young woman cycling on an exercise bike at gym.
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You like to challenge yourself in everything you do, Aries. As a fire sign who makes the most of every moment, you tend to be an early riser. Your ideal workout is something that helps you start your day off with a little sweat and a lot of energy. A spinning class checks all the boxes, with funky lights, amped-up music, and a bit of friendly competition between you and your fellow riders. You might even forget you're working out!

Taurus: Hiking

young couple laughing and hiking in the woods
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You're not the type who wants to spend your free time in a crowded gym. When it comes to working out, and life in general, you prefer the company of the great outdoors. Being surrounded by fresh air and open spaces grounds you. Hiking is something you can look forward to doing on your off days and the weekends. With so many free trails and parks, you'll never find yourself bored with a stroll through the trees.

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Gemini: Zumba

Multicultural dancers training zumba in dance studio
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You're a pretty outgoing person, Gemini, which means you feel energized around other people. While other signs prefer to keep to themselves, you love putting yourself out there and trying something new. For you, the ideal workout setting is a place you can feel the burn and maybe even make a friend or two. Zumba is a great way to get your heart rate up, shake off the stress of your week, and meet some fun and friendly people in the process.

Cancer: Pilates

Man working out at home in his living room

Because Cancer's spirit tends to bend with the cycles of the moon, your energy levels shift frequently. Unlike some signs that do well with rigidity and routine, you like to make decisions based on your mood. Pilates offers you slow movement paired with core training so you can move fluidly with where your body tells you to go. And because pilates is focused on personal improvement and mindfulness work, you'll feel more connected to your body and your soul with daily practice.

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Leo: Ballet Barre

Yoga and Pilates Barre fit
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As a fire sign, it's important for you to feel passionate about everything you spend your time on. In your mind, fitness should be fun and functional, so you're unlikely to get stuck waiting for the squat rack. You prefer group workout classes that get your body moving and encourage you to put on a show. Ballet barre is a trendy class that suits your flair for the dramatic. Don't be deceived by the cute studio and light weights—this class is sure to have your entire body feeling the burn.

Virgo: Yoga

A man doing yoga in his living room.
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You tend to be pretty health conscious as it is, Virgo, so there's a good chance you're already involved in a workout routine. But if you're looking to switch things up, it's important to find something you can squeeze into any part of your busy day. For you, life feels the most balanced when you get into a daily groove. Yoga is a great way to stretch your body out and get moving in the morning, and the best part is that it doesn't take more than 20 minutes a day to feel the impact.

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Libra: CrossFit

woman and man giving each other a high five by the weights at the gym

You're a lover, not a fighter, Libra. Maybe it's your Venusian energy talking, but you tend to find yourself either leading the pack or acting as a mediator between others. This makes you a bit of a social butterfly, but you also like your workouts to be about you and pushing yourself to your limits. That's why the CrossFit community might be a match made in heaven for you. Although workouts are tailored for personal bests, the camaraderie and friendly atmosphere almost make it feel like playing a team sport.

Scorpio: Martial Arts

young woman doing kick boxing
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Passionate and motivated, you have a lot of energy that needs an outlet. Normally, that comes from pouring yourself into your career and your hobbies. You're unique in the sense that the busier you feel, the more energized you become. If you need a workout that doubles as a way to let out your pent-up frustrations, martial arts or kickboxing classes might be right up your alley. These classes go far beyond just hitting things for fun; there's an art to the form, and it takes discipline to master the moves—all the things you need to find yourself diving headfirst into a new passion project.

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Sagittarius: Aerial Silks

Aerial dancer performance with silks.
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People like to peg you as the world traveler of the zodiac and nothing more. But few see and appreciate your creative side. The fire sign energy in your heart gives you a curious mind that likes to explore and learn new things. You like to feel free to do as you please, so aerial silks are a fun way to build your core and arm strength while feeding your whimsical side. With so many tricks and techniques to learn, you'll never find yourself bored with this workout.

Capricorn: Rock Climbing

valentines day ideas
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It might seem stereotypical to give rock climbing to the sign of the goat. However, the skill and long-term commitment it takes to truly master this activity is just the sort of thing that piques your interest, Capricorn. You're always looking for a challenge, and in the world of workouts and outdoor sports, there's nothing that measures your grit, determination, and resilience quite like rock climbing.

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Aquarius: Bicycling

Older couple on bike ride

You have a need for freedom, Aquarius. And it's not due to any sort of commitment issues; you just want to soak up all the different experiences life has to offer. The rebellious spirit inside you needs the ability to pick up and move on a whim whenever the fancy might strike. So, what better way to see the world and get in a sneaky workout than by taking up bicycling? Whether you're riding through your neighborhood or traveling cross-country, the freedom that cycling gives you is sure to be the start of a lifelong obsession with the open road. Just don't forget to wear a helmet!

Pisces: Water Aerobics

Fit woman working out with foam dumbbell in swimming pool at leisure center.
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You like to take things easy, Pisces. You're here to enjoy life, not restrict yourself! It's not necessarily important for you to build muscle or work toward a goal. Simply moving your body and stretching a little each day is perfectly fine. Because you're a water sign who loves to keep things loose and fluid, your best exercise will be aquatic by nature. And although surfing or paddleboard yoga seem like fun and trendy ways to stay fit while enjoying the water, not everyone has access to the open ocean. That's why water aerobics is a nice compromise.

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