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The Mellowest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers 

This astrological sign stays cool as a cucumber.

Some people stay completely chill, even if they're dealing with major stress at work or if their personal life is falling apart. These laid-back folks just have a knack for going with the flow and keeping cool. If you've ever wondered why some humans are more amiable than most, the answer could be written in the stars. Read on to discover the six mellowest zodiac signs, from a little bit affable to extremely easygoing.

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Cancers try to keep everything around them calm because they're so afraid of confrontation. Much like their crab counterpart, they shield themselves with a shell to protect their delicate inner workings. "They love nothing more than enjoying the zen they create around themselves and will crawl into their shell to avoid that being destroyed," says astrologer and spiritual coach Tara Bennet. Considered the "mothers of the zodiac," Cancers are all about maintaining a happy home and keeping everyone around them secure.


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These extroverted, friendly folks are only truly happy when everything around them is balanced, which means they rarely step out of line. "They steer clear of drama, dodging conflict at all costs," Bennet says. "Avoiding situations that disturb their chilled out mood is crucial for Libra to maintain the harmony they crave."

Astrologer and clarity consultant Lauren DeGolia adds that Libras are relaxed because they're ruled by the planet Venus, which allows them to "see and appreciate everyone's perspective, which requires a level of patience." This ability to maintain a composed demeanor is why Libras thrive in the courtroom.

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Leos might be known for loving the spotlight, but they don't let other people get in the way of their time to shine. Magickal Spot astrologer Tina Caro says Leos maintain their good-natured mood because they "know when to have fun and when to be serious," so they can easily be "carefree and act a bit childishly."


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Aquarians are always in their own world. DeGolia says the sign is "able to easily detach from expectations and reality," which keeps them consistently relaxed. This water sign is all about focusing on themselves, so they don't get carried away with other people's drama and can help you look at your own issues differently.

"If they follow the flow of life, they send out many positive vibes, making everyone around them happier," says Alice Alta, resident astrologer for the Futurio app.

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Emotional Pisces want people to like them, so they try to stay sympathetic. The gentle water sign loves to relax with friends and wants to see the best in everyone. "If they find zen in the chaos of everyday life, they see their own picture of the world, where the universe is just and the good always wins over evil," Alta explains. "So, they are optimistic about their future and don't worry about trivia." Pisces can easily stay happy, as long as they don't soak up anyone else's bad vibes.


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Geminis are truly adaptable in any situation. If you're having a party, invite a Gemini, because they'll entertain with their fun stories. "These twins are the ultimate chameleons, whether in a chilled atmosphere or high tension situation, they can handle everything without breaking a sweat," Bennet says, calling them "cool like cucumbers." This no-stress sign lives to amuse their friends, so their focus is on making sure everyone around them is equally content.

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