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The Sport You Should Watch, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

An astrologer shares whether you'll connect more with baseball, tennis, boxing, and more.

In the world of hobbies and pastimes, there's nothing that brings people together like the camaraderie of sports. From dressing in your team colors to cheering on your favorite players, watching a game or match is fun, exciting, and a great way to connect with friends. But, of course, there are only so many hours in a day to devote to being a fan. That's why we spoke with Best Life's resident astrologer (and self-professed hockey fanatic) to get the scoop on which game will get you the most fired up. Read on to learn what sport you should watch, based on your zodiac sign.

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Lauren Ash is a St. Louis-based astrologer and lifestyle writer. Ash is the resident astrologer for Best Life, Glam, and Sanctuary Astrology. Follow Lauren on Twitter and Instagram or subscribe to her blog for monthly horoscopes.

Aries: Football

american football teams
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Everyone knows you're ambitious, Aries, and with that comes a ton of energy. Ruled by Mars, the planet of passion and motivation, you need to be active in your daily life. Likewise, you enjoy sports with a lot of action and plenty of entertainment, which is what makes football a perfect fit. This national pastime is the ideal mix of fan fun and serious gameplay. From tailgating in the parking lot with your buddies to friendly rivalries with other teams to the Super Bowl, football has it all.

Taurus: Golf

young asian woman playing golf
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Tauruses like to live a life of leisure, but that doesn't mean you don't have a competitive side. However, your stubborn streak means you're not as worried about what others are doing as you are in trying to beat your personal record—which is exactly how professional golf is played. You'll enjoy the casual pace of the game and find the long-form style of play particularly interesting. Not to mention, golf tournaments take place among some really beautiful landscapes that you'll find especially relaxing.

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Gemini: Soccer

Male soccer match
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You're a mover and a shaker, Gemini. Between your many social circles, hobbies, and neverending to-do list, it's hard to keep your attention for more than a few moments. So, it's only fitting that the most popular zodiac sign gets paired with the most played sport in the world—soccer. Your quick-thinking mind will find the strategic plays and heated games especially fun to watch. And the fast-moving pace will keep your attention until the very last second.

Cancer: Swimming

Underwater image of swimmer in action
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Cancers are sweet and sensitive. You'll avoid confrontation at all costs because you like keeping the peace, but you don't mind a little friendly competition here and there. Slow and steady wins the race, and your skills of strength and endurance always suit you well in life. That's why swimming is a sport you can get behind. It's no-contact, includes solo and team rounds, and promotes lifelong personal growth. Not to mention, this Olympic favorite gives you the chance to root for the home team every four years.

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Leo: Basketball

Basketball players chasing for ball during the match in court.
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You're probably already a big fan of sports—if you don't play them yourself. As a fire sign, you crave an active lifestyle and will take any chance to show off your skills. Passion is what rules your life, and basketball is super fast-paced and full of show-stopping moments. But what appeals to you the most is that it involves tons of teamwork to win, but individual players can still take the lead during the game. And if you attend a game in person, you'll love the upbeat, party-like atmosphere.

Virgo: Boxing

boxing duo
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You're one of the most reliable, chill, and patient signs of the zodiac, Virgo. People always comment on your down-to-earth personality, and you pride yourself on your ability to be flexible without compromising your beliefs and morals. As a result, the stress of life can get to you if you don't have a good outlet, which is why boxing is a surprisingly perfect fit. It's a fun and challenging sport that relies on paying close attention to your opponent to win. And with your keen eye for the details, you'll have no problem getting right into it.

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Libra: Tennis

young black woman playing tennis
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As the sign of balance and harmony, you don't take sports too seriously. You're usually too busy attending an art gallery opening or film screening to be bothered keeping up with frequent games. You prefer an individual sport that you can watch at your leisure. Tennis is a tough mental game that requires a great deal of personal dedication. You'll love how quickly these matches can turn in favor of one player versus another, and the legendary rivalries will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Scorpio: Hockey

man playing ice hockey
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Scorpios are driven, determined, and know how to stay focused when it comes to achieving things. Despite your mysterious reputation, your friends are your ultimate inspiration and your loyalty and devotion know no bounds. Scorpios aren't usually sports fanatics, but you do get fully invested when something piques your interest. Hockey is a team sport that takes everyone working together to pull off a win. It's quicker, harder-hitting, and more thrilling than any other sport out there, so you'll be a super fan in no time.

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Sagittarius: Formula One Racing

formula one racing
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You're one of the sportiest signs around, Sagittarius, sometimes lovingly referred to as the jock of the zodiac. So, there's little chance you don't already watch or play a sport of your own. Always seeking an adventure, you need to add a sport that is equal parts skill and thrill to your repertoire. Formula One Racing is a truly unique sport that pushes the limits of both the athlete and technology. F1 race cars are some of the fastest in the world, and Formula One brings together the best of the best from around the globe to compete for glory, fame, and recognition.

Capricorn: Baseball

baseball player
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Capricorns are excellent planners and diligent workers. You're known for your endurance, and you don't mind investing time in something to get the payout. As a lover of the classics, it only makes sense to pair you with America's pastime. Baseball has been around for nearly 150 years, so there's a lot of rich history for you to absorb. It also has some of the most loyal fans, which you'll appreciate. Not to mention, the rules and nuances of baseball will give you plenty to analyze as you watch the game unfold.

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Aquarius: Gymnastics

portrait of young man gymnasts competing in the stadium
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As the rebellious rule-breaker of the zodiac, you like to push things to the extreme any chance you get. Your offbeat view on life makes you more open-minded than most, which comes with its difficulties. Gymnastics is a sport where athletes may stumble but always brush themselves off and try again. As a sign ruled by Uranus, the planet of challenges and changes, you can relate to being thrown a curveball. You don't let it bother you, though, and you'll admire how these athletes seem to defy the laws of physics and gravity with their stunning acrobatic moves.

Pisces: Figure Skating

Shot of a young woman figure skating at a sports arena
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Pisces is the most creative sign of the zodiac, so you don't spend much time watching traditional sports. You prefer to work on your craft projects, try out a new low-key hobby, or curl up with a good book after a stressful week. So, if you were to watch a sport, you'd enjoy one where individual expression is rewarded. But more importantly, it should appeal to your sensitivity, intuition, and sensuality. And is there any sport more dreamy, romantic, and artistic than figure skating?

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