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The Most Likable Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

There are some people you just can't help liking. It could have to do with their horoscope.

Have you ever wondered what gives certain people that "it" factor? Whether it's a colleague who seems to get along with everyone in the office or a family member who makes every single holiday memorable, these pleasant people are always popular. The answer to why they draw others in effortlessly and attract friends and potential partners everywhere they go could have to do with their horoscope. Read on to hear from astrologers about the most likable zodiac signs, from fairly friendly folks to exceedingly charming enchanters.

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You might be surprised to find Scorpios here since they're famous for their intensity, but many times, that's what attracts people. "Scorpios are well known for their emotional and passionate personalities," says Emily Newman, an astrologer and founder of Best of Psychic Reading. "[They] are very committed and faithful friends [who] would never reveal your secrets to anyone."

Victoria Thomas, an astrologer at Peaceful Dumpling, says Scorpio is the sign that's "the deepest, emotionally speaking." Their air of mystery is intriguing to others and, figuratively, can make people feel like "a rock star or a rock star's date."


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Cancers are born nurturers, which makes them incredibly genial, especially if you're in distress and need a devoted friend or family member to help you out.

One thing to note, according to Thomas, is that Cancer tends to be "a melancholy homebody who retreats into the healing isolation of its shell" when young. As they grow up and mature, however, they become more comfortable in their skin. Once they've gained this self-confidence, these crabs lead with their sweet, amiable personalities. So, if you know a Cancer who wasn't the most well-liked person in school, don't rule them out as adults.


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To know a Gemini is to love one. These social butterflies "can adjust to any situation and find similarities with anyone," states Newman. They love entertaining friends and family with their jokes and stories. This friendly nature makes others feel welcome, and if you're having a bad day, it can "change your mood and make things better instantly."

Gemini does like to be the life of the party, but they don't require all eyes to be on them, which allows other signs to get along with them easily.

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This emotional water sign aims to please, which means they'll be by your side when you need them. Thomas describes Pisces as "tender" and "sweetly devoted," both endearing characteristics of a faithful friend. It also helps that they don't hold grudges like other sensitive signs. "If they have problems, they forget about them," Newman says.

Newman also points to Pisces' imagination and creativity as characteristics that draw people in. She says this gives them "a magnetic personality" that leaves others wanting more.

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Want to guarantee a good time? Call up an adventurous Sagittarius. They'll be your hang-gliding buddy or down to get drinks at the last minute. Newman explains that their "openness and excellent sense of humor" make them very likable. And in a social setting, you can expect them to have plenty of engaging stories about their world travels.

But Sagittarians aren't only about having fun. "[They] enjoy assisting others" and are very generous, according to Newman, so you can count on them to be dependable and loyal in friendships and relationships.


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Leos work hard to be liked—and they succeed. They strive to be the center of attention, and others can't help being drawn to their energy. "Leo is quick to buy the next round of cocktails and is the first one in the pool [or] on the dancefloor," Thomas says.

But like Sagittarius, it's more than just partying for them. Newman describes Leos as "attractive, positive, enthusiastic, and friendly." Thomas notes that "the Lion is big-hearted and generous" and possesses an "unmatched capacity to champion, protect and defend smaller, more fragile beings." When spending time with a Leo, you can expect them to build you up, which, of course, is one of the most likable traits.

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