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The Best Retirement Activity For You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Will you get active with pickleball? Or cozy up with a book club? Here's what an astrologer recommends.

Retirement equals time; even if you had hobbies during your working years, you'll now have even more hours to fill. Should you take up something active and social like pickleball? Or would you prefer to relax at home in your garden or with a good book? To make the decision easier, we consulted astrologer Erin River Sunday. Keep reading to learn the best retirement activity for you, based on your zodiac sign.

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Aries: Pickleball

people playing pickleball
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Fiery and energetic Aries isn't into sitting still, so don't anticipate a low-pressure hobby!

"Organizing a walking club or pickleball league would be just the ticket to keep this Mars-ruled sign on the go sans career," says Sunday.

As long as you're moving your body (and maybe engaging in a little friendly competition!), you're embodying classic Aries energy.

Taurus: Cooking Classes

older man smelling sauce cooking

What better way to an indulgent Taurus' heart than cooking classes?

"Taking a course on how to make the perfect cheese board, then inviting family or friends over to dine on it would make this Venusian-ruled sign feel nourished," says Sunday.

As the foodie of the zodiac, you'll love honing your skills in the kitchen and selecting the perfect wine to accompany the meal.

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Gemini: Book Club

older women book club
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Your active mind and unending curiosity have only grown gracefully with age, Gemini.

"It's the ideal time for them to seek out that book club they always wanted to join but never seemed to have time for," says Sunday.

Letting your mind roam free is one of your greatest strengths, so it makes sense why you'd want to gab with a group about your favorite reads—and it's also an excuse for the zodiac's social butterfly to get together with friends.

Cancer: Scrapbooking

Mature woman sitting on floor in bedroom gathering supplies for scrapbooking
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If there's one thing a Cancer cherishes, it's creating a cozy, comfortable home for their loved ones to enjoy.

"Cancerian retirees love a home improvement project, and scrapbooking will keep [this] nostalgic sign quite happy," says Sunday.

Plus, routine visits to the art store sounds like the perfect tradition for the homebody of the zodiac.

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Leo: Embracing Your Inner Child

Carefree grandfather carrying grandson on shoulders at park
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As an extroverted Leo, you probably spent most of your life basking in the limelight. But now that you're older, you'd rather experience that excitement through the eyes of a child.

"Taking them out for ice cream or attending their soccer games will keep the young-at-heart Leos happy," Sunday explains.

Whether it's visiting your own family or volunteering at organizations that aid children, tapping into your inner child is just what your retirement needs.

Virgo: Puzzle Nights

Old woman playing puzzle game

Keeping your mind busy in retirement is a big deal for Virgo. As the perfectionist of the zodiac, you want to stay sharp.

"Puzzles are well suited for this sign, as they can sit uninterrupted for hours putting everything exactly in its place!" Sunday explains.

And since you don't shy away from showing off your skills, a fun game or puzzle night with friends is ideal.

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Libra: Gardening

Senior African American couple spending time in their garden on a sunny day, planting flowers.
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As a sign ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and romance, your taste for pretty things has only evolved over the years, Libra.

"Taking a flower arranging class with friends is the perfect retirement activity because they can socialize while tapping into their aesthetic sensibilities," says Sunday.

And don't forget your own garden, where you can really get creative and showcase your sophisticated eye.

Scorpio: Swimming

woman swimming for exercising, over 40 fitness

Passionate and intense Scorpios appreciate a good release. And there's no better way to reach that kind of catharsis than to explore water activities in retirement.

"Scorpio is also a water sign and doesn't mind doing things on its own, so swimming laps at the local pool could soothe their mind, body, and spirit," Sunday explains.

And if you do feel like being social, consider a water aerobics class.

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Sagittarius: Bird Watching

Close up of mature woman looking through binoculars outside – Yuri A / Shutterstock

You're always itching for a thrilling adventure, Sagittarius. And that hasn't gone away as time has passed.

"The Sagittarius retiree is still an explorer by nature," notes Sunday. "Joining a bird-watching club will put them into the new surroundings they crave."

Whether you're sightseeing or getting lost in a new culture, this time is all about expansion and embracing your free spirit.

Capricorn: Self Care

Three mature happy women with face masks at home.
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Time to reap your rewards in retirement, Capricorn!

You've worked extremely hard all your life, so Sunday explains that investing in self-care is a great way to spend your free time.

"Meticulously shopping for the finer things in life will remind Capricorn that hard work does pay off in retirement," Sunday explains, as will an indulgent spa day.

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Aquarius: Writing

Older man on computer

You've lived a long time as an innovative soul, and retirement is the ideal time to show the world how wise you've gotten.

"Starting a newsletter would be a supportive pastime for the Aquarius retiree because they'll be able to share their unique thoughts far and wide," says Sunday.

If blogging or writing a newsletter isn't appealing, it's never too late to write that novel you've always dreamed about.

Pisces: Volunteering

Older woman and family volunteering collecting donations

Tap into your emotional side, Pisces. Retirement is a great time to extend your caring heart to organizations that you support.

"Volunteering at the local library or animal rescue will fill their empathetic hearts and help pass the endless days of retirement," says Sunday.

Not only will you serve the bigger picture, but you'll also feel good!

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