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The Most Sentimental Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Be ready for some tears when you break out the old photo albums.

Some folks tear up when they watch a cheesy Hallmark movie, no matter how expected the ending is. They can't help but give loving gifts to everyone they know, and they'll never throw away the presents they receive in return. These people often feel nostalgic about anything from their last vacation to their childhood best friend. You can find them scrolling through old photographs or listening to that one song that reminds them of their ex. If you've ever wondered why some people get emotional so easily, consider their horoscope. Keep reading to hear from astrologers about which zodiac signs are the most sentimental, from a little nostalgic to seriously sappy.

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Scorpios do everything with single-minded intensity, including examining the past. "They're the one sign that gets obsessed over people they love and things they like, making them very sentimental," says psychic and astrologer Leah Goldberg. These intense feelings, however, can lead to infatuation.

"Scorpio has deep emotions that run the gamut and also may be prone to ruminating and obsessing over things such as the past," according to writer and astrologer Rebecca M. Farrar. They won't get misty-eyed like fellow water signs, but they can find it difficult to stop obsessing over an ex or former friend. In extreme cases, this can be because they're busy plotting revenge.


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Aries are known as the independent leaders of the zodiac. Goldberg says these sometimes-wild ones act "fast and impulsively." And with their active and social lifestyles, it's easy for Aries to stay firmly in the present.

But when they do get caught up in memories, they'll feel the sentimentality quite intensely. They'll also have no problem communicating what they're thinking about or feeling. If it's something that brings to mind a call for change, they will surely give an impassioned speech about it.

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Capricorns have a mentality where they "wish things would just stay the way they were," says Farrar. This causes them to yearn for the past and makes it difficult for them to move forward.

"This sign may think things seemed better in the past even if they still felt equally difficult," explains Farrar. For instance, you may have a Capricorn pal who constantly reminisces about an old job, even though they couldn't stop complaining about it when they working there.


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If you've ever been in a relationship with a Taurus, you know just how devoted and affectionate they are. Farrar says this sappy sign often gets caught up in relationships and doesn't want to give them up, which leads to them "romanticizing what was." They're loyal, so even after a breakup, they'll stay in your life.

But Tauruses aren't just devoted when it comes to their significant others. "They're exceptionally sentimental, especially over objects," says Goldberg. So don't be surprised if they still have their corsage from prom or the stained t-shirt they wore to their favorite concert.

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Pisces are known for soaking up other people's emotions like a sponge, making this empathetic water sign prone to sentimentality. "Pisces get attached to those they love very deeply. It's hard for them to let things go, as they feel so much. They will remember those they've loved decades after the relationship has ended," explains Goldberg.

Their sensitive, tender nature also means they'll easily "cry at commercials or become overwhelmed by emotion," according to Farrar.


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Gentle Cancers top the list because they're both nostalgic and highly tuned in to their emotions. Goldberg tells us this sentimentality stems from Cancer's connection to the moon, which causes them difficulty "letting go of things they love." Since they love their family and friends deeply, this resistance to change leads to constantly longing for the past.

Like Taurus, Cancer's sentimental ways extend to material objects. "Cancers often collect meaningful things, even if it borders on hoarding," says Farrar. In less extreme circumstances, she says, they'll be "a master memory maker or even scrapbooker" because they hate tossing out items that remind them of someone or something.

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