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The Color You Should Paint Your Kitchen, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

This is the hue that'll best resonate with your personality, according to an astrologer.

From whipping up a decadent holiday feast to mixing your favorite summer mocktail, your kitchen is where the magic of nourishment happens. Given that your day consists of routine visits to the fridge, it makes sense that you'd want to make its environment as enjoyable as possible—from its appliances down to its hue. And whether you're indecisive (cough, Libra) on which shade of white fits your style best or you're totally stuck on what vibe you want your kitchen to be in general, one way to express your personal flare is to lean on astrology. Keep reading to find out what an astrologer has to say about the color you should paint your kitchen, based on your zodiac sign.

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Aries: Fire Engine Red

Couple smiling in a kitchen while making dinner. The kitchen has a red wall and a gray, retro fridge.
Jack Frog / Shutterstock

What better way to express the fiery hot attitude of an Aries than bright, fire engine red? The edgy and energetic sign tends to be impulsive and a bit hot-tempered, and the urgency of this hue ought to be a good way to keep them focused on the task at hand.

"A quick refuel station is what the kitchen embodies for Aries, and fire engine red on the walls will keep them, and their digestion, on track," Erin River Sunday, lead astrologer for Birthdate Co., tells Best Life.

Taurus: Sage Green

A happy mother having fun with her cute daughter while cutting vegetables.
iStock / FreshSplash

Taurus is basically the master of comfort foods, so they'll need a color that is just as earthy and cozy as their vibe. "Sage is the perfect shade for a Taurean kitchen—delicious and natural, it's a color good enough to eat!" explains Sunday.

This hue of green isn't just easy on the eyes, but it also gives the headstrong earth sign the serenity they need to conjure up their signature decadent meals.

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Gemini: Sky Blue and Tangerine

A contemporary kitchen with light blue cabinets and orange walls
Galchenkova Ludmila / Shutterstock

Gemini needs a color combo to accurately reflect both of their extremes, which is why a cool blue tone matched with a warm orange hue is a great way to express their personality.

"One color isn't enough for the sign of the twins!" says Sunday. "Sky blue and tangerine is the perfect fun and surprising pairing for Gemini's kitchen walls." No matter what they're feeling that day, these two shades will bring inspiration to this bubbly and social sign.

Cancer: Eggshell

Woman standing in the kitchen preparing healthy food.
Anna Frank / iStock

One thing about Cancers: Their home decor is of utmost importance, but they value food and nourishment even more. A classic eggshell white matches their nurturing vibe and helps bring focus to perfecting their meals.

"Cancers are the rulers of the homestead and eggshell reflects their love of feathering the nest (and its baby birds)," says Sunday. With a cozy kitchen, these homebodies will never want to go out to eat.

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Leo: Marigold

Portrait of a woman with black curly hair smiling while using laptop computer in kitchen. She's wearing a yellow-orange sweater that matches the wall color / iStock

Leos undoubtedly prefer to stand out, so bringing a vibrant hue to their kitchen only makes sense. "Leos are warm and inviting, and marigold speaks to their natural sunshine state of mind," Sunday explains.

Not only does this color represent the Sun, Leo's ruling planet, but its cheerful disposition matches their charismatic, outgoing nature.

Virgo: Jade

Father and daughter making cookies in their kitchen, which is a teal color.
Yuriy Golub / Shutterstock

An ultra-organized earth sign like Virgo needs concentration in the kitchen, which is why a serene paint color could be the way to keep their kitchen as poised and neat as they are.

"Virgo is a sign preoccupied with cleanliness and purity, and jade on their kitchen walls would help to promote food as a healing medicine," Sunday says.

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Libra: Dusty Rose

Kitchen with pink walls and gray cabinets
Gladiathor / iStock

Libra values art and beauty, so they need their kitchen aesthetic to reflect their artistic and romantic vibes. Whether they're hosting grand dinners or crafting a beautiful meal for themselves, "Libras will love dusty rose for its soft and subtle hue," says Sunday.

"Are they in a Renaissance painting or their kitchen? The world may never know," adds Sunday, speaking to Libra's sophisticated taste and classy style.

Scorpio: Midnight Blue

Modern style kitchen interior design with dark blue wall
vanitjan / Shutterstock

Complex Scorpios have a reputation for liking all things dark and taboo. When it comes to their kitchen, it helps these secretive water signs to have a bit more privacy via a deep cool shade.

"Many Scorpios appreciate the quiet mystery of dark skies, and a midnight blue kitchen will support their twilight hour cravings," explains Sunday.

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Sagittarius: Terracotta

Empty podium on wooden table with tablecloth over rustic terra cotta-colored wall background
Maglara / Shutterstock

When it comes to their kitchen, Sagittarius pairs well with a shade that represents their wanderlust heart. That said, terracotta not only reflects their fire sign energy, but it's just as timeless as the adventures they find themselves embarking on.

"Terracotta will warm up any Sagittarius' kitchen with just the right amount of spice," says Sunday. It'll also perfectly complement all the art and artifacts they've picked up on their travels.

Capricorn: Champagne

Front view of kitchen with oven, sink, countertops and window.
ImageFlow / Shutterstock

Practical and driven, Capricorns need a place with a peaceful vibe to unwind after a long day of being on the go.

"Capricorns might be busier at the office than the kitchen, but when they are home, champagne-colored walls set the tone for celebrating productive days," says Sunday. This color isn't just classic, but it exudes peacefulness so Capricorn can truly focus on relaxing.

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Aquarius: Arctic Blue

classic blue kitchen

Aquarians need their kitchen to reflect their uniqueness while also being inviting to their guests. That's why a friendly blue hue works best for these independent air signs.

"Cool, calm, and collected, arctic blue is an ideal color in the Aquarian home," explains Sunday. She notes that this hue "promotes logical conversations at mealtime," which is a must for intelligent and humanitarian Aquarius.

Pisces: Barbie Pink

Modern kitchen with bright pink walls
Martin Barraud / iStock

Nothing symbolizes a Pisces' imaginative and creative spirit better than a vibrant, in-your-face hue like bright pink. These water signs can peacefully daydream while cooking up their ultimate fantasies in the kitchen with this inspiring hue.

"Few signs will just go for it the way a Pisces will—and a Barbie Pink-themed kitchen is the exact level of fantasy they're looking to bake into their day," says Sunday.

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