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The Most Cheerful Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

These joyful folks are always smiling for a very good reason.

A smile is contagious—it's even been proven in scientific studies—so it's no wonder we gravitate toward people who have naturally happy and friendly personalities. If you feel like you need more of this secondhand positivity in your life, you may want to spend time with those born at certain times of the year. Because according to astrologers, some horoscopes are more bubbly than others. Read on to discover the six most cheerful zodiac signs, from generally jolly to unceasingly sunny.

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These born leaders have a can-do attitude that's very uplifting. "While not being the happy-go-lucky type, Aries has a rather hopeful and inspirational attitude and can face challenges head-on with a smile on their face," says Stina Garbis, an astrologer at Psychic Stina. This is a welcome trait in a co-worker, but it's also great in a partner, as they can help you handle the hard times.

But keep in mind that with this ambitious mindset comes a big ego. "When you believe you are the number one at everything, what is there not to be happy about?" quips astrologer, clairvoyant, and spiritual coach Tara Bennet. "As long as they remain in first place, they'll be all sunshine and roses."


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Cancers are known for being moody, but when that mood is a good one, they're one of the most gleeful signs around. This born nurturer lets off the most positive vibes when they're feeling comfortable and surrounded by their favorite people. To that point, Garbis says Cancers have "a cheery attitude as they go about their day tending to their loved ones and their cozy houses."

But being that this highly emotional sign is ruled by the moon, their mood can easily switch. In these cases, when they're feeling out of their element, they'll likely retreat into their shells.

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Libras are well-balanced and considered "the peacekeepers of the zodiac," according to Bennet. "They go to great lengths to keep life on an even keel." This steady temperament means they rarely get the blues and can see both sides of situations that might otherwise be upsetting.

Known as the zodiac's people pleasers, Libras are non-confrontational in their efforts to keep the peace. But don't confuse them with a more passive-aggressive sign like Cancer. They simply bring up situations when they arise and then let them go, leading to good cheer.


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Geminis live to socialize. This talkative sign is so bubbly and open that they can make a blah night on the couch feel like a house party. Since they're ruled by quick-witted and communicative Mercury, they "always have something on their mind and something to say," notes Garbis. This makes their cheer especially contagious when they're meeting new people who might otherwise feel nervous or awkward.

But do note that Gemini's uber-extrovert status has made them accustomed to being the center of attention. When they're not, that smile can quickly turn into a frown.

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Like Gemini, Leo loves the spotlight (they're ruled by the sun, after all). So much so, that they'll often become comedians or singers. Off the stage, these party animals enjoy nothing more than entertaining their friends and family with their hilarious stories and kicking off fun activities like karaoke or charades.

Bennet explains that "these lions surround themselves with cheerful people who simply adore them," so it's easy for them to stay upbeat. If a Leo does get into a bad mood, it won't last long. As soon as they're back with a loved one or embracing a new adventure, that cheerful demeanor will return.


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Garbis notes that Sagittarians are "ruled by happy-go-lucky Jupiter and tend to have the best attitude of all of the zodiac signs." Unlike many other signs, they don't overanalyze things, which means they're able to stay in the moment and maintain their sunny disposition. "They make for a great friend to help you get your mind off of hard times," says Garbis. "Not only is this sign the most cheerful, but they're also the best sign to help cheer you up."

Bennet adds that Sagittarius' "lust for adventure and a sense of independence," make them so happy. "They always have something to be cheerful about, whether it's planning their next holiday or heading off for an adrenaline-packed weekend" So don't be surprised when your Gemini friend invites you skydiving or calls you to regale you with tales from their most recent safari.

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