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The Color You Should Paint Your Front Door, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Ready for a refresh? An astrologer says the color of your home's door can make a big difference.

Considering the outside of your house is the first mark of your personal style, it makes sense to have it reflect your personality, whether it's the plants you have growing on your lawn or the hues you choose to paint the facade. And when it comes to the latter, your front door is a perfect place to add a pop of color. Will you make waves with an ocean-blue front door or shock the entire neighborhood with an electric pink entryway? According to an astrologer, this depends on your horoscope. Read on to find out the color she says you should paint your front door, based on your zodiac sign.

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Lauren Ash is a professional astrologer, culture expert, and writer based in St. Louis. She is a regular contributor to Best Life, StyleCaster, Mane Addicts, NYLON, and Reader's Digest, among others. Follow Lauren on Twitter and Instagram or subscribe to her blog for monthly horoscopes.

Aries: Red

A front porch with a red door
iStock / DebraLee Wiseberg

As the bold and daring leader of the zodiac, Aries likes to make a big first impression. There's an intensity about your energy, and you're certainly not shy about making your tastes and opinions known.

That's why we think a deep and rich shade of red makes the perfect statement for your front entryway. Not only is this an eye-catching color that stands out amongst the rest, but it also adds depth and warmth to your home.

Taurus: Light Green

light green front door
iStock / HDKam

Taurus is the sign of luxury and comfort. Your home is your escape away from the hustle and bustle of the regular world. And you make it a point to curate relaxing and earthy vibes.

To help you stay grounded, we think a natural and calming shade of green is a great choice. Add some lush native plants or potted flowers out front to create your own secret garden.

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Gemini: Yellow

yellow front door
Shutterstock / Hannamariah

Gemini is one of the most creative and fun-loving signs of the zodiac. So, it makes sense that you're drawn to bright and eclectic home décor. And because you're famous for changing your mind, you like paint colors that can complement any design style.

Bring some cheer to the neighborhood with a yellow front door, complete with colorful flowers to match. You'll be the bright spot on the block, no matter the weather!

Cancer: Cobalt Blue

dark blue door
iStock / adisa

Cancer is the homebody of the zodiac, but that certainly doesn't mean your style is dull. While everyone else was out partying, you spent your time turning your house into the most exciting spot in town.

That's why we think you need a front door color that's fun and sentimental, like cobalt blue paired with a cheerful exterior color. Show the world that you're the kind of dinner-party host who knows how to let loose and have fun.

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Leo: Stained Glass

stained glass front door
iStock / sturti

Your home is your kingdom, Leo, so you take pride in making sure it looks good. When you walk through the door, you want to feel like you're stepping into a glamorous paradise. And you're not afraid to go a bit over the top!

That's why we recommend skipping the paint altogether and going with a custom-made stained glass front door. You're sure to be the talk of the town with this one, and you'll eat the attention right up.

Virgo: Wood

wooden front door
iStock / peterspiro

Virgo has a very tasteful eye for design. You're not one to be distracted by passing trends; quality and practicality are at the top of your list.

That's why we think you should splurge a little and invest in a solid oak front door. It'll last for years, and the timeless design will match any style. Add some manicured flowers for a pop of color, and you'll be sure to win the block's curb appeal award.

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Libra: Purple

purple front door
Shutterstock / Dolores M. Harvey

Libras just want to have fun! You're known for being chic and stylish, but you're usually too busy being a social butterfly to fuss much with your home.

The best bet for you is to stick to simple, stylish, and romantic designs that never go out of style. And we think a purple front door checks all the boxes. Fun, flirty, and calming, this color will compliment your energy all year round.

Scorpio: Black

black front door
iStock / boblin

We know what you're thinking, Scorpio. Black? Again? But trust us when we say, you'll appreciate how tough and durable black paint holds up against the elements. And your mysterious side will feel right at home.

Plus, when your astrological season and Halloween roll around, your spooky decorations will stand out even more.

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Sagittarius: Bright Orange

bright orange door
iStock / coldsnowstorm

Sagittarians never shy away from adventure. Your larger-than-life personality has a magnetic pull, so whether you intend to or not, you always find yourself becoming the center of friend groups, community events, and beyond.

That's why you need a front door color that is bright, vibrant, and inviting. And we think a warm shade of orange is the perfect choice for someone who manages to bring people together.

Capricorn: White

white front door
iStock / peterspiro

Practical and classy, Capricorns are drawn to design styles that make a subtle statement of luxury and taste. And you'll spare no expense, or time investment, to be the envy of your block.

That's why you should paint your front door a classic shade of white. This blank canvas makes a perfect backdrop for whatever ornate floral arrangements and high-end landscaping you choose.

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Aquarius: Pink

pink front door
Shutterstock / Joy Brown

Aquarians like to keep people guessing. You have a unique view on life and you're not afraid to go against the grain. In fact, there's a good chance you've already painted your front door a few different colors by this point.

So, switch things up from your normal color scheme of blues, greens, and purples in favor of something even more carefree and fun. Pink has just the right playful and artsy vibe to match your eclectic design tastes.

Pisces: Light Blue

beautiful light blue front door
iStock / Heidi Patricola

Romantic, dreamy, and always living with your head in the clouds, Pisces wants their home to feel like a fairytale setting. And as the sign of the fish, a nautical or beachy vibe is just what you're imagining.

That's why a calming shade of light blue will match your mood perfectly. It'll also complement your seaside aesthetic.

Lauren Ash
Lauren Ash is a profession astrologer, culture expert, and lifestyle writer based in St. Louis. Read more
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