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The Most Clueless Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

These people have no idea what's really going on.

Hello? Anyone home? Some people are so unaware of what's happening around them that it seems like they're in their own little world. Maybe they simply don't feel the need to pay attention to minor details—or it could just be that they don't know what to do in certain situations. These folks could miss entire chunks of conversations and not even realize it until much later (if ever). Could astrology be to blame? Read on to find out which zodiac signs astrologers say are the most clueless, from a bit unobservant to completely oblivious.

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An Aquarius is always thinking about their next big project or accomplishment. They're pretty detached a lot of the time, and that makes it easy for them to miss out on social cues. Since they're in their own heads more often than not, they know themselves well—but when they're interacting with others, they may miss a thing or two.

Jill Loftis, an astrologer and founder at Nuit Astrology, says an Aquarian's aloof nature can leave them totally in the dark about what people are thinking or feeling. These air signs are perfectly fine staying in their own little bubbles though.

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Libras love making other people happy, but tend to get too caught up in what others need. Because of this, they're sometimes unaware of what's happening around them. "They can't see the wood for the trees," says Tara Bennet, an astrologer and spiritual coach at Mediumchat.

Like Aquarius, Libra usually focuses on the big picture more than anything else: It's all about what they can do next. "They skip the small print and overlook what is blatantly obvious to others," says Bennet. Obliviousness is guaranteed with Libra, and you have to accept that some things will fly completely over their heads. But make sure you fill them in if they miss something—they don't take well to being excluded.


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Aries operates independently and prefers to keep it that way. They don't like paying attention to little details, and will invoke chaos if anything gets in the way of their goals. Rebecca Schmidt, an astrologer at Trust the Effing Process, describes them as passionate fire signs that can be a bit rash and immature. "This ultimately causes them to be oblivious to others' feelings, plans, or ideas," she says.

Aries think very highly of themselves—which means other people are easily forgotten. They also don't have time to consider all the consequences of their actions, so things could be blowing up and it's likely they won't notice.


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Sagittarians love being caught up in life's adventures. They certainly don't look before they leap, and are always planning their next crazy experience—even when they're still in the middle of one.

"They can be seen as clueless, since they often have their head in the clouds," says Schmidt. They love to learn, but get ahead of themselves which makes them forget what's going on around them. Being aware of things in real time isn't likely to happen often, and even though they like exploring and finding new concepts, they might end up missing out on life's smaller moments.


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Geminis have a deep desire to learn new things and are naturally curious. However, they get distracted easily and Bennet says their duality limits their focus. They're quick thinkers, which can be good in certain scenarios, but a Gemini's rashness can also make them seem pretty clueless and disconnected.

"When you're constantly changing your mind, you never fully understand yourself or things around you," says Bennet. "Their perception can be off, as they never settle on one opinion or idea for long." Luckily, their ability to adapt quickly to various situations helps balance these air signs out, or they'd never be able to keep up.

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Pisces is easily the most clueless zodiac sign—thanks to their dissociation and daydreaming tendencies. Loftis says these water signs simply aren't meant for this realm.

While they're naturally empathetic and understanding, these fish often miss what people are saying or doing because they aren't paying attention. "Keeping track of day-to-day things like their car keys or deadlines can be a struggle," says Loftis.

While a Pisces' emotional intelligence is unmatched, they might not be on the same page as everyone else. If they're able to stay grounded, they might be a little more aware of their surroundings.

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