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The Least Helpful Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

These people prefer to sit on the sidelines.

Remember those kids who hid from the teacher because they didn't want to be called on in class? That's how some people feel when they're asked to help out with something. They'd rather sit on the sidelines—if something doesn't benefit them in the long run, they're outta there. Being accommodating isn't their style, and if they do end up helping, they'll probably complain the whole time. And while they might just be having a lazy day, the stars could have something to do with it. Keep reading to find out which zodiac sign astrologers say is the least helpful—from those who can be a bit uncooperative to the sign that's completely useless.

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Geminis have trouble honoring commitments, so asking them for assistance is a bad move. "They may be great learners and communicators, but they aren't overly helpful, as they can lack consistency, have high anxiety, and can be two-faced or impulsive," says Rebecca Schmidt, astrologer at Trust the Effing Process.

These air signs also get bored easily, so unless the task at hand keeps their attention, they're most likely to be checked out. If they're already working on something, they'll have a positive attitude about it, but they won't be the first people to volunteer their time or energy.

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Like Gemini, Sagittarius hates being tied down to one thing for too long. Those born under the sign of the archer value their freedom more than anything else and like hopping from place to place.

"They operate best on their own and can be pretty tactless when it comes to having empathy for others," says Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and founder of Ryan's Astrology. He explains that they're way too busy going on adventures and experiencing all that life has to offer to slow down and help someone out.

These fire signs are also prone to ghosting —they're always forgetting that they made plans in the first place. "If they commit to helping you with something, they might very well not show up for you when the time comes," he says.


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Thanks to their darker and more intense personalities, Scorpios are generally unhelpful. They get fixated on certain things for too long and always need to be in control, Schmidt tells Best Life.

They don't like taking on things that won't benefit them in the long run, and more often than not are focused on their own needs. Even though they're a water sign, they have a hard time letting their walls down and can be closed off when someone needs something.

"They also hate feeling manipulated, so if you aren't being direct when asking Scorpio to help, they'll assume you have an ulterior motive and shut you down," Marquardt says.


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Aries is one of the most independent zodiac signs. Because of this, they don't understand why people need help to do things that can be done on their own. They rarely ask for help themselves, so they certainly aren't going to be the first to volunteer to help you.

"If you receive their help, it's probably because they impulsively said yes, but you can assume that they'll back out just as quickly," Marquardt says. They'll end up feeding you excuses and do anything they can to not be involved.

Since they're always looking for the end goal and want things done their way, Aries tends to go about life as they see fit—and they don't let miniscule tasks slow them down.


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Capricorn is all about me, myself, and I. "They can be unhelpful because they're headstrong about achieving their own success in life," Marquardt says.

These earth signs have to be the captain of the ship every single time, and if for some reason they aren't, they will try and take over with no remorse. They hate wasting their time, so if you want assistance from them, it better be quick and to the point.

Marquardt says Capricorns essentially need something in return if they're going to abandon what they're currently doing. Their need to succeed wholly outweighs their need to help other people.

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Pisces may be great at reading your emotions, but when it comes to solving problems, they're more like a fish out of water. "When they're confronted with conflict, they become incredibly passive," Marquardt says.

These water signs struggle to have their voices heard, which makes it hard for them to be proactive and help other people. They also are forgetful and don't know how to be on time—so if you need something done quickly, you might as well call someone else to help you.

Schmidt mentions that while Pisces have healing abilities that can get you out of an emotional rut, they aren't the most accommodating people. "They're the most susceptible to disassociation, addiction, and depression," she says.

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