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The Most Vain Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

They've never met a mirror they don't like.

Some people are so vain that they probably think this story is about them. And, in this case, they'd be right. After consulting astrologers, it appears that the reason some people are so much more arrogant than their easygoing counterparts could have to do with when they were born. Have a family member who can't resist looking at themselves in every mirror they walk by? Know a coworker who makes every conversation about themselves? Find yourself friends with someone who thinks everyone in a room is checking them out? Read on to discover if they fall on this list of the six most vain zodiac signs, from slightly self-absorbed to exceptionally egotistical.

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Libras want to look their best at all times and love treating themselves to manicures and fancy haircuts. "Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and luxury, Libras are suckers for anything pleasing to the eye," explains Rachel Clare, an astrologer at Mysticsense.

This focus on looks often means that they'll attract like-minded people. "In their social circles, they're magnets for the most attractive person in the room," says Clare. It also means that they're likely to base their friends and partners on appearances. "They're very picky about who they associate with, and if they feel like someone will make them look bad, they'll most likely keep their distance," warns Amanda Lee, an astrologer at Astrologybuff.


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Pisces might seem like a surprise since they're better known for being sensitive and emotional, but they're secretly a little bit self-obsessed. "They can be painfully self-conscious, so they take personal image and reputation incredibly seriously," explains Clare.

Because of their intuitive nature, this sign is very aware of what others think. "It doesn't take much to massively dent the ego of a Pisces," Clare warns. This constant worry about being judged causes them to behave in certain vain ways just to impress people. If they know you love fashion, they might brag about their designer purse. Or if they feel that you think you're smarter than them, they may start throwing around big words unnecessarily.

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Tauruses might appear down to earth, but since they're also ruled by Venus, they "only ever want to be surrounded by pretty things," notes Clare. She describes this sign as materialistic, and explains that this causes them to have "skewed priorities and [be] shallow by nature."

But despite being self-absorbed at times, Tauruses "are kind-hearted people at the core of it all," says Clare. She says that their vanity comes into play when they "lose sight of what's truly important when caught up in the pursuit of their own perfection." So while you may find them showing off their designer duds, they'll also be happy to lend you an outfit if you ask.


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Geminis aren't always looking in the mirror, but they do constantly want to talk about their own adventures. "Physical vanity is less of an issue with Gemini, but their self-involvement can really become their fatal flaw," says Clare. They're ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so they "love nothing more than interacting with others," she explains.

Talking a lot isn't the true issue, though. It's the fact that this sign is "prone to being one-sided in conversations and forgetting to engage with the other person," notes Clare. If you need to tell a Gemini something, you can certainly interrupt them, but they'll probably bring up what they're going through and minimize your problem.

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Scorpios have big egos for a good reason—people love them. "As a fixed water sign, mystery and illusion underpin Scorpio's psyche, and the sign knows all too well how alluring their dark and sultry persona [is]," Clare says. They've gotten used to this attention, and therefore think everything they do is perfect. Don't even bother trying to correct or criticize them.

Scorpio's vanity extends to physical appearances, too. "They are incredibly sensual people, often finding themselves drawn to the most attractive people in the room and similarly seeking to make themselves appear as enticing," explains Clare. And as Lee jokes, "if you see someone checking themselves out in a store window it might be a Scorpio."


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Leos genuinely think the world revolves around them, and, in a way, it does. They're "ruled by the Sun, the literal center of our solar system," Clare points out. Like Scorpio, they've become accustomed to being the center of attention everywhere from parties to the workplace. "As a bold and audacious fire sign, they crave the limelight or being the hot gossip of the town," says Clare. And they'll go out of their way to make sure they get this ego boost.

However, even though Leos expect to be the focal point of any setting, if they aren't the main attraction, it won't dull their swagger. This is the true mark of vanity, believing you're the best or most important, even when others' reactions say differently.

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