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The Zodiac Sign With the Worst Attitude, According to Astrologers.

These folks are always in a mood.

You definitely know someone who sucks the energy out of the room. Whether they're judging others, throwing out nasty comments left and right, or deliberately trying to get under your skin, their vibe just screams "I have a chip on my shoulder." These pessimists always have something negative to say and can sometimes be hard to be around. Maybe they're just having a bad week, but astrology could also have something to do with it. Keep reading to find out the zodiac sign with the worst attitude from slightly cynical to downright discouraging.

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Cancer gets a bad rap for being overly emotional and if you catch them on an off day there's a chance you'll see that attitude. They're also ruled by the moon, so mood swings are pretty common for them.

"When they feel hurt or threatened, they may retreat into their shell or lash out defensively," says Rachel Clare, a professional astrologist at Mystic Sense. They proudly wear their emotions for everyone to see, but they also take things to heart more than other signs.

They close themselves off or retreat back into their shell if they feel like people don't understand them. While they're only trying to protect themselves, they may seem prickly and irritable to others.

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Virgo can't handle anything less than perfection. They hate to be wrong and will do anything to prove that that their way is the best way. Tara Bennet, astrologer and spiritual coach at Mediumchat, advises to steer clear if they seem like they're in a bad mood because "when things go wrong, diplomacy goes out of the window."

"They replace gentle comments with blunt criticism and rude snipes," she says. They might feel remorse later on, but if you're caught in the crossfire of their attitude change, don't provoke them further.

Virgo is an earth sign and they're highly focused on practical concerns and areas where they can succeed. They're also resistant to change and criticism (even though they love to dish it out). "These folks in particular are known for their analytical nature, which can sometimes make them seem overly critical or judgmental," Clare says.


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Aries are indifferent to the feelings of others—they assert their dominance and have an air of superiority that other people might not like. They always know exactly what they want, and if they have to put others down to come out on top, so be it.

They're represented by the ram, which is associated with strength, but also stubbornness. Clare says they have "a tendency to butt heads with others." Their attitude can appear almost instantaneously, and they won't hold back.

With their tendency to be hot-headed and impulsive, Aries can invoke chaos and destruction like no one else. "These fire signs are particularly known for their competitive nature, which can sometimes be perceived as aggressive or confrontational by others," Clare adds.

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Often described as intense and mysterious, Scorpio will be the one with the dark clouds hanging over their head. Unless you know them really well, they tend to have a rude and unfeeling disposition.

Because they're famous for holding grudges, and not sharing how they actually feel, these water signs can get caught up in negative cycles. They can have a sour outlook at times and will absolutely seek out vengeance if they are wronged or betrayed.

They're also moody and unpredictable, and don't like when they aren't calling the shots. "Scorpios are control freaks and their dominating attitude rears its head when they feel out of control," Bennet says.


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Gemini may mean well, but they're quite unpredictable. "Because of their duality, Gemini's opinions and versions of the truth change from one moment to the next," Bennet says. You never know when they'll have your back, or turn on you completely—so trusting them can be difficult.

They're also known for their sharp tongue, which can come across as snappy or sarcastic. And while they may just be trying to hold your interest, it can feel more negative than necessary.

Their indecisive nature and flighty behavior can sometimes make it hard for people to like them. "They have a tendency to change their minds or switch gears unexpectedly, which can frustrate those around them," Clare says.

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Capricorn says what's on its mind and doesn't necessarily care if someone gets hurt because of it. They err on the practical side and are more prone to pessimism than other people. They are the zodiac sign with the worst attitude because even if things are going well, they always focus on the negative.

They like to operate as a solo act and don't need anyone else's vibe dragging them away from their success. If you're not working in a way that's best for these earth signs, they certainly won't have a problem judging you or even taking over themselves.

"They may also struggle with letting loose and having fun, as they often feel the need to be in control," Clare says. Their drive can be admirable, but it can seem pushy if they aren't careful.

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