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The Most Exhausting Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Being around these people will take everything out of you.

Do you ever come home from meeting up with a friend and feel like you need a nap after all the talking and complaining they did? Or maybe your colleague sends your head spinning every time they share their plans for a new project? Some people are just plain draining, and it could have to do with their horoscope. According to astrologers, there are certain zodiac signs that are the most exhausting. Keep reading to learn who's likely to deplete your energy from a tad tiring to utterly debilitating.

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Being friends with a Capricorn may be manageable, but working with them is another story. They're extremely disciplined and structured, often burning the midnight oil no matter the cost to their personal life.

"Not everyone is hardwired this way, so Capricorn's work ethic is exhausting for other signs to be around," explains Ryan Marquardt, Hollywood astrologer and founder of Ryan's Astrology.

He adds that they'll often exhaust themselves, too, they just won't realize it until they've lost out on relaxing moments with friends and family.


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Sure, the social butterfly of the zodiac is a good time, but sometimes they can have a little too much energy, talking your ear off or running from one party to the next. And when you're trying to stay on the Gemini train, it can feel truly exhausting.

"Like someone who drank too much coffee, the energy rush Gemini feels can't last forever, and the crash is inevitable," explains Marquardt.

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Like Gemini, Sagittarius likes to go, go, go. But for them, it's not just about social engagements, but seeking out bigger thrills and world travels.

"Their insatiable thirst for experiencing everything life has to offer makes it hard for them to find a sense of contentment or satisfaction with the present moment, so they give off a restless vibe that makes other people feel anxious," explains Marquardt.


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Tara Bennet, an astrologer and spiritual coach at Medium Chat, describes life with a Cancer as an "emotional rollercoaster."

It's true they are the most sensitive sign, and although they don't intend to be dramatic, "they go from one emotional crisis to the next without skipping a beat," Bennet says.

The main way they deal with all these feelings is by seeking "constant reassurance from others," notes Marquardt. Not only is this needy, clingy attitude exhausting, but it may drive people away.

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When it comes to being type-A, Capricorns tend to focus on themselves. Virgos, on the other hand, expect others to live up to their perfectionist ideals, both in professional and personal settings.

"Their criticism and insanely high standards can push you to your limits," notes Bennet.

Marquardt adds that Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. This is great in many situations, but it also causes them to insert themselves in your business, which can be "annoying and exhausting if nobody asked for their help," he says.


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As the independent leaders of the zodiac, Aries never takes their eye off the ball. They are the most exhausting zodiac sign because they often push people too far. "Trying to achieve the goals these rams set for you is tireless, with the goalposts continually moving," says Bennet.

In yet another fitness metaphor, Marquardt likens this sign to high-intensity interval training. "They come on strong and in quick bursts, but they rarely have the stamina to maintain their energy levels."

And when they do crash, expect their temper to come out. "They'll get irritated and lash out at others," Marquardt notes. Being around their up-and-down moods can truly feel like whiplash.

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