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The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Seek Revenge, According to Astrologers

You don't ever want to cross these signs.

Have you ever heard gossip about a jilted lover who keyed their ex's car after a breakup? Or do you know someone who plans out elaborate ways to get back at anyone who has slighted them? While there are certainly people out there who can let things roll off their shoulders, there are also those who will go full-on Carrie Underwood when someone hurts their feelings—and it may have something to do with astrology. Read on to see the top six zodiac signs more likely to seek revenge from somewhat spiteful to very vindictive.

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Capricorns are incredibly proud people and if someone downplays their career or makes them feel inadequate in any way, they should probably watch out.

"When Capricorns feel that their position of authority is being challenged, especially in the workplace, they feel little remorse in turning the tables," says astrologer, Rachel Clare from Mystic Sense. "Capricorns will be slick and calculated in how they seek revenge though, as their revengefulness is fueled by the head and not the heart."

These signs are also quick to hold grudges, so you really don't want end up on their bad side.


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While Libras aren't one of the first signs you would think of to be vengeful, these people can be quite eager to teach someone a lesson. If they are slighted in any way from being cut off on the freeway to being cheated on, Libras are always quick to seek justice.

"There is no hiding from the fact their sign is symbolized by the scales of justice," says Clare. "This means that Libras are a silent but deadly force when it comes to restoring justice and dishing out what is deserved when wronged by others."


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Leos love to be the center of attention in every room they are in, and if someone else comes along and tries to take that away from them, they may just start plotting their revenge.

"Ruled by the Sun, the center of the universe, Leos egos are so incredibly important to them, and if they feel that anyone has managed to compromise their public image, they'll stop at nothing to get payback," says Clare.

Because of their determined attitudes, Leos will go all in when it comes to giving someone their just desserts.

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While Cancers are normally sensitive and nurturing in nature, you shouldn't let them fool—they are down for revenge.

"Cancers have such a hard time regulating their emotions as they are ruled by the Moon, and the Moon rules our subconscious thoughts and emotions," says Clare. "Now, as Cancers are at the whim of the Moon and all of its phases, there are certain times when the sign cannot control their feelings. It's not uncommon for Cancer to lash out and seek revenge when they feel they've been treated unfairly."

Cancers also have a hard time letting things go and they let resentment build up over time.

"They may conceal or soften some recollections but never really forget an unpleasant memory," says Emily Newman, an astrologer with Best of Psychic Reader. "They will carefully plan everything and then execute their revenge plan efficiently."


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You may want to steer clear of an angry Taurus, and if you are the one who has upset them, definitely watch out. "The revenge of a Taurus is cold, calculating, slow, and ultimately deadly," says Newman.

If you wrong this bullish sign, they will take their time to make sure you pay. "If you hurt a Taurus, they will not act immediately. They will not show you how angry they are, but will still hold a grudge," she adds.

Eventually, they may forgive, but they will never forget.

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"Coming as a shock to no one, Scorpios live and breathe finding revenge on their enemies," says Clare.

Scorpios don't just hold grudges, they stew in their anger until they explode on anyone who gets in their way.

"If Scorpio is your enemy or you hurt them, just wait for their turn and keep yourself safe," says Newman. "They will make sure you suffer from never-ending pain, humiliation, and trauma until you get down on your knees and plead for forgiveness. Scorpio is a most revengeful sign, and if you hurt them or any of their loved ones, they will not forgive you even if you ask for it."

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