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The Zodiac Sign Most Likely To Obsess Over Their Ex, According to Astrologers

They may know just a little too much about their former flames.

Have you had an ex who wouldn't completely put your relationship to bed after you broke up? Or maybe you're someone who spends just a little too much time on your former flame's Facebook page. Letting go of someone you loved is never easy, especially if you didn't want the relationship to end, but some people may have a harder time than others. Perhaps astrology has something to do with it. Read on for the zodiac signs most likely to obsess over their ex, from a little too attached to extra infatuated.

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Taureans are extremely loyal by nature, which intensifies their need to know what their exes are up to, no matter if it's been a month since they broke up or five years. From first loves to just casual flings, this earth sign tends to keep tabs on past lovers—often for pure nostalgia sake versus anything nefarious.

"Taureans want to know who you are after the breakup, whether you find someone, or how you spend your time," says Emily Newman, an expert astrologer at Best Of Psychic Reader. "Love and relationships are huge gestures to Taurus, so having something so special to them be taken away so quickly can be devastating. So they will be obsessive just to remember you."


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Virgos are known for their insecure and anxious personalities and will beat themselves up when anything negative happens to them, especially a breakup.

"In almost complete opposition to Taureans, Virgos are so inherently self-critical that they take a breakup as a negative reflection of themselves," says Rachel Clare, an astrologer for Mystic Sense. "The sign will agonize over all of the things they did wrong and how they could've done so much more to save the relationship, when in reality, some things just aren't meant to last."

Because of this earth sign's chronic overthinking, "it's not uncommon for Virgos to take to obsessively scrolling through their exes socials."


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This intelligent and creative sign also has a spiritual side. They often believe in things like soulmates and destiny, so when a relationship doesn't pan out the way they intended they can become a bit obsessive.

"Air signs view life through such a unique lens and usually possess an element of spirituality about them," says Clare. "Due to their spiritual leanings, Aquarians are likely to fall hard and fast for people, on the account that they think that everyone is their soulmate. Because of this, Aquarians can get really hung up on exes, and constantly want to check up on what they're up to."

It's safe to say a broken-hearted Aquarian is scrolling their way down memory lane right now, just to reminisce and think about the "what ifs."

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Leos love being the center of attention and they thrive off instant gratification. When they go through a breakup, they often check out their exe's social media accounts to make sure they are the real winners on the split. After all, they are the "shining stars of the zodiac," says Clare.

"A Leos confident mentality extends further into Leo's dating life, with them believing it isn't possible for an ex to move onto better things," she explains. "Everything is a competition for this brazen fire sign and due to this self-righteousness, Leos are likely to check on their exes' socials in order to make sure that they aren't being outshone."


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Pisces are hopeless romantics who often fall incredibly hard for anyone who shows them compassion and love. As one of the zodiac's most emotional and sensitive signs, they have trouble moving on when they should. When a relationship ends, this water sign tends to check up on their ex in hopes that one day they can win can back.

"Pisces are ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusions and dreams," says Clare. "This means that they often fixate on the 'what could have beens' in a past relationship rather than the harsh realities. In short, they need to learn to cut out miserably stalking their ex and look to a brighter future."

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Scorpios love love, and can you blame them? This big-hearted sign will fall head over heels fast, but also have a particularly hard time letting go. When they have the chance to catch up on a former lover's whereabouts, they will jump at it headfirst, making them the zodiac sign most likely to obsess over an ex.

"For this mysterious, intense water sign, when it comes to those they care about, they are possessive and fiercely protective," says Clare. "They will go to any lengths to protect a partner. That said, this can cause some issues when a break up inevitably rolls around."

Because a breakup can cause such intense emotions for Scorpios they can get caught up talking about their ex to anyone willing to listen. Sometimes, they may not even realize that they have been scrolling through their former flame's Instagram page for hours on end until they accidentally "like" something from 2017. Oops!

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