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The Zodiac Sign Most Addicted to Social Media, Astrologers Say 

They can't look away from their feeds.

In a world where everything has gone digital, being on social media is basically a given. For some, that might mean posting their hot takes on Twitter or keeping up with colleagues on LinkedIn. However, others take their social media obsession a little too far. Maybe they can't put their phone down because they're counting their Facebook likes, or perhaps they can't stop scrolling on Instagram and comparing themselves to others. Whether they're driven by the need for encouragement from their peers or feel like they're missing out if they're not online, astrology might offer an explanation as to why social media is such a focus for them. Read on to discover the six signs that are most addicted to social media, from intermittently glancing to glued to their screens.

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Man deleting pictures of her ex from social media to help her move on

Capricorns love to impress people around them and want everyone (especially their coworkers) to think they're cool and powerful. This ambitious sign wants to be the best at what they do, which includes curating the perfect social media page to make others jealous. Lauren DeGolia, astrologer and cosmic consultant, reveals Capricorns spend a lot of time on social media "so they can try and beat everyone else at the social media game."


man is browsing social media on tablet while having cereal breakfast.

Leos love attention, and that translates to getting lots of likes. DeGolia explains that they're successful on social media because they're "comfortable being the center of attention, leveraging their creativity and showing their playful side." If you're looking at a Leo's Instagram page, you'll probably experience some level of FOMO (fear of missing out) because it looks like they're living their best life. Indie Beth Sage, astrologer and home and soul stylist, agrees that Leos "love to shine their light" because they're ruled by the sun.

Not only do Leos love to post, but they also respect people who have large social media followings. Rebecca Farrar, astrologer and writer, explains that "the number of social media followers may make a Leo want to be your friend if it seems you have the influence they don't."

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Girl deleting pictures of her ex from social media to help her move on

Gemini loves storytelling and entertaining their friends. DeGolia explains that these social butterflies thrive on Facebook where they can "join all the groups, create an amazing network of people, and learn little tidbits about each person." Your Gemini friend might not post all the time, but they're definitely keeping up with what all of their friends are doing.

"The only thing that busy-minded Geminis love more than absorbing information is talking about that information," Sage explains. Expect them to be one of the first people to send you a new meme or leave you a supportive comment when you post a picture.


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Aquarians are famously well-read and informed, which can lead to them spending lots of time online. And while some get their information from newspapers, others turn to Wikipedia and Facebook for their facts. According to Sage, this sign's love of technology means "anywhere that something new is happening, Aquarians are sure to be." Expect them to have the latest apps downloaded before you've heard about them. Sage explains these "explorers live on the cutting edge of new thought and ideas," so they'll look through social media for new topics to debate.

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Aries are easily bored, and being online distracts them from mundane everyday activities. Plus, this sometimes selfish sign certainly likes having their ego stroked, even if it's by strangers on the Internet. DeGolia explains that once they realize they can show off what they do and watch the likes roll in, they become addicted to posting. Aries "love action, and they're always on the lookout for something that's pushing them a little outside their comfort zone." Once they find these activities, they want to make sure all their Facebook friends know just how adventurous they are.


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Sagittarius love attention, and they can get loads of it on social media. If you're out to dinner with a Sag, don't be surprised to find them endlessly refreshing their social media pages, waiting for likes to appear. According to DeGolia, they love "networking, learning new things, and watching fun videos." If you know a Sagittarius, don't be surprised when they try to show off a new trick they learned on TikTok or take you to a restaurant they read about on Facebook. Of course, they'll then use it as an opportunity to post about it on their own social media pages to guarantee they get likes.

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