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The Most Close-Minded Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Don't be surprised when they can't understand your perspective.

Close-mindedness isn't a trait most people desire. On the one hand, it can signal that someone is firm and confident in their beliefs—and sure, that's an admirable attribute. But on the flip side, it can mean that person is unwilling to learn, grow, or broaden their horizons—and who wants that? However you regard this trait, one thing is for sure: it can be influenced by your horoscope. Here, astrologers tell us the most close-minded zodiac signs, from the somewhat stubborn to the woefully resistant. You might want to consider this list before starting a debate.

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Pisces' close-mindedness comes from a place of stubbornness. "The fish of the zodiac might seem chill and easy to work with, but underneath those glittering scales is a spine of steel," Briana Saussy, an astrologer at Sacred Arts for Soulful Seekers, previously told Best Life.

They're fearless in standing up for what they believe is right. Moreover, they may appear more close-minded than they are because of their willingness to play devil's advocate. "[They'll] swim in the opposite direction just to prove a point," says Saussy. It might be difficult to decipher when they're being narrow-minded and when they're simply testing you.


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Represented by the crab, Cancer often naturally sequesters itself. "A crab may close in their shell from certain ideas to safeguard itself from unnecessary and complex emotions," says Alice Alta, resident astrologer for the Futurio app. "Plus, Lunarians tend to attach to their routine, people, and things."

If someone suggests something outside their comfort zone, a Cancer will often reject it. "For example, a Cancer lives with their spouse in the house of their childhood," Alta adds. "Even though the family may earn enough to buy a better house, a crab may refuse to do it, as they are very attached to this place." You'll have to put in a lot of effort to make them change their mind.

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This regimented sign won't be distracted in its pursuit of success. "Being well-organized, they build strong foundations on their own and are rarely open to ideas of others," says coach and astrologer Linda Berry. "Capricorns are strategic geniuses who play their cards close to their chest, without showing their strategies to anyone—they play to win."

Whether you're in a personal or business relationship with them, you'll likely never obtain access to their true motives, thoughts, and feelings. And once they've got their eye on their prize, they probably won't consider your input on the matter.


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This is another confident sign that sometimes shuts others down by default. "The lion glyph of Leo symbolizes a beast so tough nothing could pierce it, including the input of others," says Berry. "They have big and strong egos which hold steadfast opinions."

Just like the lion rules the jungle, Leo rules the zodiac. This can make them unwilling to consider other peoples' ideas. They see themselves as the most important and competent in the room—so why broaden their horizons?

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No sign values success and obtaining a competitive edge as much as Aries. "Like the mythological ram, which is the symbol of this high octave fire sign, they rarely accept or ask for input and advice from others," says Berry. "Aries individuals set their mind firmly and will not quit at anything, especially if it involves a position of power."

If you come to them with a creative solution for a problem, they'll almost definitely use their idea instead—even if yours is better.


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This sign is represented by the bull—and like the bull, they'll easily bulldoze those with opposing ideas. "Those with a Sun Sign in Taurus are always concerned with money, material possessions, personal resources, and would come off as open to new ideas in regards to their prized possessions," says Berry. "But, because they tend to be stubborn, they dislike change of any kind—a trait that can contribute to a close-minded attitude."

What's more, Tauruses tend to have bossy and secretive personalities, making it difficult to engage in meaningful conversations with them. Don't expect to get far if you bring up a topic for debate.

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