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The Saddest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

They're the first ones to cry at basically any movie and get teary-eyed with goodbyes.

Do you have a friend who cries at every movie they see—even ones not made by Nicholas Sparks? Or maybe your empathetic nature can make you feel a little blue at times. For what it's worth, life can be hard and it is normal to feel emotional. But some people wear their heart on their sleeves a little more than others, and it could be because of astrology. Read on to discover the saddest zodiac signs from mildly melancholy to downright despondent.

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Tauruses are often not very outwardly expressive and can even seem secretive at times, but that doesn't mean they aren't feeling any emotions. Sadness can creep in for this stubborn earth sign when they are faced with change.

"Taurus hates to be bored, and feeling stagnant is their worst nightmare," says Ms. IGee, an astrology influencer and spirituality expert at Higher Vibes Online. But this often put Taurus in a hard position because they also hate change.

"The problem is Taurus refuses to break out of their comfort zones, and they take rejection too personally. Fear of the unknown keeps Taureans feeling stuck and sad," says Ms. IGee.

Though a Taurus will remain stoic and composed to the outside world, they will let the tears flow where they feel safe or in the privacy of their own home.


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Virgos are known to be practical and strategic. They tend to overthink everything and anything, which can cause emotional distress.

"Virgo has a tendency to overthink and create their own mental disaster to manifest into their reality," says Ms. IGee. "Virgo always wants to be one step ahead so they study others, compare, and compete. The endless race to be the best can easily cause sadness."

This earth sign doesn't come across as emotional and can seem calm to the outside world, but life can overwhelm them easily and lead to breakdowns behind closed doors.

"Because they never stop thinking about their life's ups and downs, it can lead to emotional burnout," says Emily Newman, an expert astrologer at Best of Psychic Readers. "Even if they know they can get passed a horrible situation easily, they will still get too upset and ruin their present moment."


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Libras crave balance in their life: They want to succeed at their job but not let it take away from having fun with their loved ones. When they feel like things are a little off-kilter, this air sign will begin to unravel emotionally.

"Libra wants to balance everything, which makes them more controlling," says Newman. "If things go out of control, they become sadder. Libra tends to swallow their anger and sadness. They try to show that nothing is wrong … They also worry about becoming alone, which makes them more sad."

If you know a Libra, it's best to check in on them to see how they are doing every once in a while. They may need a help getting out of a funk, but all it may take is a pep talk and a hug.

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Scorpio has a powerful presence that is often misunderstood by others. Though it may read as a different kind of intensity, this water sign is is actually incredibly emotional. They also have a tendency to  turn small problems into catastrophes.

"Scorpios tend to be pretty dramatic when it comes to sadness," says Stina Garbis, a professional astrologer at Psychicstina. "They always act as if you took their puppy away even if it's over spilled milk. It's best to treat Scorpio gently when letting them down or giving them bad news."

Since Scorpios tend to be a tornado of emotions, you may find them in hot tears one minute and completely calm the next. And if you're to blame for their sadness, "you don't want to be stung by the scorpions tail. Beware, they remember everything," says Garbis.


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Pisces are highly emotional and empathetic people who often end up "taking on the feelings of others and internalizing them," says Liz Roby, a professional astrologer with Astrologify.

They are the first to cry at just about anything and have probably never watched a movie on a plane without a waterworks display.

"Pisces is the sign that needs a box of tissues whenever they watch a movie or TV. They cry during the Olympics, cartoons, and can even shed a tear during an action movie, though Lifetime movies may be more up their alley," says Garbis. "If you want to impress this sign, be sure to be ready with a hug after watching pretty much anything and seriously watch out for sentimental commercials."

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Cancers are known for their nurturing nature and highly sensitive personalities, which makes it no surprise that they are the saddest of all the zodiac signs. This water sign sign feels everything so deeply.

"This sensitivity can make them prone to feeling overwhelmed and sad, especially when faced with difficult emotions or experiences," says Roby.

Cancers are also intensely loyal, so it's no surprise that being without their loved ones can make them shed a bucket of tears.

"Cancers have a hard time saying goodbye," says Garbis. "They may cry even if you're just going to the store and will be back in 15 minutes. Be sure to bring back a pint of ice cream to share to see a radical shift in their mood."

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