The Bluntest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Go to them if you're looking for (and can handle!) brutal honesty.

Certain people always tell it like it is. If they're feeling agitated, they'll roll their eyes. If they don't want to attend an event, they'll RSVP no. And if they think you pitched a lousy idea in a meeting, they'll give direct feedback—maybe even in front of your boss and colleagues. In many cases, these people are considered blunt. And it turns out that trait can be predicted by your horoscope. Here, astrologers tell us the bluntest zodiac signs, from the occasionally curt to the brutally brusque.

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You probably associate your Cancer pal with nurturing and empathetic characteristics. While those are core aspects of their personality, they also have a side that's brutally honest.

"Cancers will try to keep their mouths shut and not externalize their bad feelings," says Joanne Lara, an astrologer, reiki practitioner, and founder of Sacred Joanne. "When they do, though… be careful. It's like they have a database of every single flaw of the people they know." You might be in for a sneak attack.


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Taurus is known for its down-to-earth, dependable nature. Because of those traits, they aren't big on concealing their true feelings.

"This is an earth sign that strives to be honest and direct," says Ms. IGee, a spirituality expert and astrologer at Higher Vibes Online. "If Taurus sugar coats their brutal honesty, they like you, and that's your flex for the day." Beware: it probably won't happen often.

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This sign lacks a filter—whatever they think, they say. So it's no surprise that some blunt truths escape their lips fairly often.

"Because their sign relates to communication, they feel a need to report the news as they see it," says Rachel Lang, astrological consultant and healer. "This can result in being blunt. In fact, Gemini is the sign of journalism, marketing, and news media." You'll be on the receiving end of their broadcasts, whether you like it or not.


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For a Sag, bluntness is a way of life. "The charming Archer has lots of arrows to shoot and lots of targets to hit, so they simply don't have much time for all these ceremonies and social rituals," says Alice Altaresident astrologer for the Futurio horoscope app. "Tiptoeing around or beating around the bush? Not their story."

Sagittarians always say what's on their mind, which can sometimes cause problems. However, Alta notes, "they may consider sugarcoating as something disrespectful towards their interlocutor." To them, truth reigns supreme—even when delivered bluntly.

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A Scorpio can use its penchant for truth-telling in a rude way. Representatives of this sign must practice tactfulness and politeness to become more effective in their approach.

"Their mind is set on identifying pitfalls and eliminating them, so a naughty Plutonian tends to point at other people's drawbacks and flaws, hoping this information will help them become better," says Alta. "However, to a Scorpio's disappointment, they may leave the other person with the desire to run away and cry or… never see them again."


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This sign always tells it like it is. Whether they're sad, angry, agitated, or annoyed, you'll know.

"They regard their straightforwardness as a virtue and try to speak their mind in any situation, which is sometimes hard to handle," says Alta. "When you tell Aries they're being rude, they roll their eyes in surprise and explain that it's just honesty."

One thing you can bet on, though, is that an Aries will never hold a grudge or air out old grievances. "They [would] rather call you out and try to sort things out immediately," says Alta. However, she notes their bluntness can sometimes hurt. "You should be rather thick-skinned and forgiving if you want to be with them in the long run," she says.

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