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The Most Honest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

These virtuous people find it hard to tell even a little white lie.

"Honesty is the best policy." Maybe you heard this growing up, or perhaps you recite it to your own children. Either way, there's a reason the proverb has stood the test of time—it's true. Whether it's giving a friend an unbiased opinion on her outfit (in a nice way!), bringing back the pack of gum the cashier forgot to charge you for, or coming clean about the real reason you skipped your cousin's wedding, speaking the truth is usually the way to go. Unfortunately, not everyone heeds this advice. Where someone falls on the honesty spectrum, however, may have to do with when they were born. Keep reading to hear from astrologers about the most honest zodiac signs, from somewhat straightforward to vastly virtuous.

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According to Sophie Won, astrologer and CEO of the Reha app, Pisces is the most compassionate sign in the zodiac, and, therefore, also one of the worst liars.

However, this emotional water sign can sometimes get a little caught up in their daydreams. "Unless they sincerely believe in their delusions (which happens), you'll find that Pisces try their best to be open and truthful," Won explains.

Their sensitive nature also ensures that they'll be "genuine and open about how they feel and what they think," says astrologer and tarot expert Stina Garbis. This means they expect others to be just as honest, "sometimes naïvely so," Garbis adds.


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Aries genuinely do not see the value in fibbing. This reckless sign will send a blunt text that might hurt your feelings without ever second-guessing it. Won describes them as "very direct and blunt in their approach with an 'I don't care' attitude."

Rachel Clare, an astrologer at Mysticsense, agrees with this assessment and says these passionate people don't "mince words or try to save the feelings of others when they know deep down that the truth needs to be said."

This makes Aries a great friend to turn to if you're looking for some tough love, although you'll have to be prepared for what you might hear. "If you have a question about whether an outfit looks good on you, an Aries will tell you what's up," says Garbis.

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Because this sign is so focused on achieving their career ambitions, they don't deal with outside drama. "Capricorn has zero time for petty behaviors such as spreading rumors or embellishing stories," says Clare.

Clare also explains that Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of rules and responsibilities, so they "feel it's their duty to be 100 percent honest in everything they say and do."

However, this can sometimes manifest as judgment, especially in the workplace. Garbis calls them "brutally honest" and says they won't sugarcoat it when telling you how they feel, whether it's about a coworker's presentation or a friend's new relationship.


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Libras are known for being well-balanced, which includes telling the truth. "Libra's sign is the justice scale, so honesty is a big part of what they idealize in their perfectly balanced world," notes Won.

Their desire to please everyone also comes into play. "They try their best to maintain a level of honesty with everyone around them to keep the peace and harmony," Won adds.

And when they do have to speak the hard truths, Libras will never say something offensive or speak out of turn. Instead, they'll tap into their analytical side and will "help you look at your life honestly and give you another perspective that is not biased," says Garbis.

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Aquarians do not believe in telling little white lies to keep the peace. They tell it like it is and don't care if it might hurt your feelings. Ask their opinion on a matter, and they'll launch into a lecture series without holding back.

"Aquarius is hyperrational and tends to be the truth seeker of the Zodiac, to the point where they might go out of their way to prove an honest point," Won advises.

Part of this bluntness stems from Aquarius being the most intelligent zodiac sign. Their mind is working in overdrive, and they want to impart their wisdom and knowledge to others. Even if you ask them to hold back, they'll find it difficult.


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Cancers want their friends and family to trust them and turn to them in times of need, which means they rarely keep anything from them. "This highly emotional sign tends to stay honest because they are simply bad at lying and hiding the truth," Won says.

They also tend to overanalyze everything—whether someone is mad at them or if they said the right thing at that party. If they lie, it's just one more thing to obsess about. "They can get easily hung up on their lies and the guilt from it, which tends to keep Cancers honest," Won adds.

Though they'll never outright lie, this water sign is a bit passive-aggressive, so they may sugarcoat things to protect your feelings. But even in these cases, they'll have the best intentions.

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