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The Most Arrogant Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

These people feel absolutely qualified to put you in your place.

When it comes to thinking a whole lot of oneself, there's definitely a spectrum; some individuals simply come off poised, while others read as cheeky and cavalier. Confidence is certainly admirable, but arrogance gets old fast. Maybe it's your coworker who grandstands in meetings or a friend who seems to think their time is more valuable than yours—whatever the case, this pompous behavior can be difficult to deal with. The reason for it, though, could be written in the stars. Keep reading to hear from astrologers about the most arrogant zodiac signs, from somewhat self-assured to downright cocky.

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Geminis are the social butterflies of the zodiac. They love making new friends, talking to new people, and helping others to feel comfortable in social settings. At times, however, their self-serving desire to be everyone's best friend can cause them to forget certain niceties.

According to astrologer and tarot reader Maisy Bristol, this playful, mercurial air sign's childlike behavior can be endearing. "But on the other hand, their jokes can sometimes go a little too far—which makes it seem as though they have a blatant disregard for the feelings of others." And since they're the most gossipy sign, this is very often the case.


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Fellow air sign Aquarius is a bit of a know-it-all. And don't even try getting them to change their minds or admit they're wrong. "Aquarius people are smart. But also, Aquarius people know that they are smart, and they like others to know that as well," explains Bristol.

This sign is also the greatest humanitarian of the zodiac. They believe strongly in their causes, but this passion can go south if others won't get on board. "An Aquarius's favorite pastime is to force-feed an unwilling audience with their Ted Talk of the day, without pausing or asking for commentary," says Bristol. "Talk about patronizing!"

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Aries are the fiery leaders of the zodiac, but they also need plenty of attention and have a hard time sharing the spotlight. "They say that the worst kind of arrogance is cultivated from ignorance. And that is true for Aries," states Bristol. "This sign is consistently wrapped up in themselves—which makes it hard to see perspectives of others."

In addition, they have a bad temper and won't hesitate to confront you. "When they know they have control over a situation, it can also make them act in a wrong way," notes Joanne Lara, astrologer and founder of Sacred Joanne. This might come in the form of an eye roll or a condescending argument.


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Virgos are known for, among other things, their need to be right. "In fact, most of the time Virgos are right, but that is no excuse for their general know-it-all attitude," says Bristol. She explains that though they come off arrogant, their behavior is more a symptom of their perfectionism. "If a Virgo is not right all the time, they feel as though they have failed."

But the true problem comes into play when this sign starts applying their unrealistically high standards to others. "They must criticize everything and can't live in the moment," says Lara. No one likes to be nitpicked, but Virgos can't seem to loosen up.


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Leos are over-the-top attention-seekers who are likely to hog the spotlight. "Their self-centered attitude is not a secret, making them appear shallow," explains Karen Comen, an astrologer at "A Leo won't even talk to you if they think you're below them. This superior-than-thou nature makes them super arrogant. What adds to this arrogance is the fact that they're aware of their attitude problem but don't do much to fix it."

Bristol agrees that Leos are egocentric and says to look out for them talking too loudly, interrupting others, or stealing the show when it's not their turn.

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Comen takes the bull by the horns with this insight on Taurus: "They're not as self-absorbed as a Leo, which is why people often don't think they're arrogant… Their ego is more because of their stubborn nature. They do not think that they could ever be wrong. Plus, their uncompromising attitude makes them come off as arrogant and haughty."

Lara also points to this sign's bullheadedness as the cause of their arrogance. "Taurus will convince you that the grass is purple, but they will not give in."

Adding to their cockiness is the fact that Taurus is known to like the finer luxuries in life. At times materialistic, they can look down on things like restaurants, bottles of wine, or shoes that aren't up to their standards.

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