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The Most Naive Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Maybe they're clueless. Or maybe they're just too pure and good for the rest of us.

First, let us get one thing straight: being naive isn't a bad thing. The traits typically considered "naive"—like trustfulness, innocence, and honesty, among others—are totally admirable. But sometimes, those characteristics can run amock and lead people into sticky situations. For example, if someone always believes the best in others, they may be easily manipulated or taken advantage of. To know if you're prone to naive behaviors, all you have to do is check your horoscope. Ahead, astrologers tell us the most naive zodiac signs, from the somewhat innocent to the tremendously gullible.

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Libras are people-pleasers by nature. They want to make others happy, even if that means neglecting their own needs. They're also incredibly trusting, which sometimes gets them in trouble.

"It can lead Libras to be taken advantage of, and also to be tricked into things easily," says Patsy Sanchez, assistant editor for Zodiac Sign. "This can lead to being more naive as they aren't as in tune with the red flags going up around them."

They'll pretend—and often full-heartedly believe—that everything's fine until they can no longer ignore the truth of the situation.


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You've probably noticed that your Leo friend has a big personality that always shines. According to Ian Altosaar, astrologer and creator of The Freedom Astrologer, that's because they live through the heart.

"More often than not, this big and expansive heart energy makes them judge others to be better than they actually are, leading Leos into a face-off with their naivety," says Altosaar."This is often remedied with life experiences and age."

As a Leo matures, they'll connect their heart to their brain. That often results in more rational, thought-out decisions and judgments.

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Taurus people are smart and savvy in the workplace, but their innocent qualities can make them somewhat naive in personal relationships.

"A Taurus will always be honest and expect that from others, but it doesn't always happen," says Sanchez. "A Taurus tends to empathize a lot with others which can cause them to believe a lot of things that might not be real. This naivety makes them vulnerable, but they are also stubborn and protective which means if you hurt them, they will cut you out of their lives."

Their tight circle is typically clear of people who would dupe them. A win for Taurus!


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This emotional and intuitive sign always looks for the good in others. That can sometimes lead them to miss negative warning signs in people.

"Cancer tends to be very nurturing and caring, which can sometimes make them naive to the mal-intent of others," says Uni Agapeoracle and holistic wellness expert. "They tend to see what's best in people and can be blind to someone intentionally harming them."

If you suspect your Cancer friend might be being manipulated by a new person in their life, give them a heads up! It might be hard for them to see it for themselves.


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Aries puts on a strong and powerful facade. But deep down, they have childlike innocence and honesty.

"Aries simply do not always realize that not everyone is as open and fair as they are," says Alice Alta, resident astrologer for the Futurio horoscope app. "It's hard for these Martians to imagine that a person may lie and fake their emotions for the sake of their goals." (Of course, ambitious Aries can attribute their accomplishments to hard work and talent.)

"What the heart thinks the tongue speaks is definitely about them," Alta adds. "So, more cunning and manipulative people may deceive them."

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Our panel of astrologers agreed that Pisces was the most naive. "This water sign is known for its intuitive, emotional, and sensitive nature, which sometimes leads them to be too reliant on others and unaware or undiscerning of potential dangers or mishaps," says Agape. "They tend to live in their own beautifully dreamy world, which can make them subject to being taken advantage of or misled."

These easygoing ways can attract malicious acquaintances, too. "They tend to get involved with people who are not interested in their wellness and can be easily swayed by their emotions, which can sometimes lead them to make decisions that aren't in their greatest good," Agape adds.

But this isn't always a bad thing. "Pisces' naiveté can also be seen as a sign of their deep faith and trust in the universe," Agape says. "They believe in the goodness of others and have a strong connection to their inner guidance, even if it means taking risks or going against the grain."

So, maybe Pisces is naive. Or maybe they're just too pure and good for the rest of us.

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