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The Most Malicious Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Proceed with caution when dealing with these signs.

Do you have a best friend who gossips more than she says anything positive? Have you had a partner who blows up at you at the slightest inconvenience? No matter the circumstances, chances are you've known someone who seems to tear down everyone else in order to lift themselves up. According to expert astrologers, one of the reasons these people behave the way they do is written in the stars. Read on to find out which zodiac signs make the list ranging from somewhat spiteful to full-blown hostile.

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While Geminis are known for their bubbly and fun personalities, there's also a much darker side to them. "In astrology, Gemini is considered the most sharp-witted sign, but with chatty Mercury ruling the constellation, sharp wit can translate as a sharp tongue, too," Charlotte King, a radio astrologer, tells Best Life.

"The sign of the twins has two perspectives or opinions on any matter, but when in their shadow expression, they may only ever share things that are in their best interest to share or worse, say things that are really mean," says King. "If you hear gossip about yourself there is a possibility it came from a Gemini!"

If you need to cool off a gossipy Gemini, it's best to disengage as soon as they start speaking negatively about something or someone. This will stop the conversation right in its tracks, so they won't even have the opportunity to spill the tea.


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Scorpio's intense personality and tendency to blow things out of proportion often makes them deeply misunderstood.

Sidhharrth Kumaar, an astrologer and numerologist warns Best Life about their intense need for revenge. "This mysterious sign never forgets the slightest pain or disrespect inflicted upon them and puts together the most elaborate plans for payback."

Luckily, you won't have to worry about their vengeful state of mind too often. "Scorpio's negative traits can be easily restrained with kindness, truthfulness, and understanding," says Kumaar.


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Aries are well known for their adventurous and passionate spirits, but they can be a lot to handle if they feel like they aren't being seen.

"Ruled by the fiery Mars, the fire sign Aries loves to win and always places themselves on a pedestal," explains Kumaar. "They can also get easily offended if someone tries to shake their crown. [If offended] an Aries' brash words are sharp enough to shatter your self-confidence and feed years of trauma."

Underneath that harshness though, is someone who wants to feel understood and appreciated. Kumaar explains that all an Aries needs to have to calm down is "listening ears, appreciation, and compassion."

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A Taurus is normally extremely loyal, and more often than not, they seem calm and collected to others around them. But what many people don't know, is how easily that can change in a matter of minutes.

"The easy-going and super chill Taurus seem harmless, and they are until you wound the one thing close to their heart," says Kamaar. "All hell breaks loose as this earth sign uses your vulnerabilities to strike against you."

The Taurus sign can be quite harsh if they feel neglected or backstabbed, but they mostly are lashing out due to a hurting heart. Kamaar notes that while somewhat difficult to do, it's best to "be on their safe side by being patient with them and giving them space."


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While this air sign can be quite emotionally intelligent about relationships and friendships, they often isolate themselves from people they are closest to because they don't have much emotional capacity for empathy. They can also have a major superiority complex at times. "Sometimes, their intellectual restlessness can give them the sensation of being an omnipotent being, where they believe that they know the most, and that others around them are beneath them or lesser in some way," says King. "An Aquarius on a power trip is a scary sight to behold!"

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Cancer signs are known for moodiness and negativity, but that's not the only thing to worry about when crossing the crab's path.

"Cancer is the sign of the crab and with its sideways movements and tremendous pinch force, you don't want to upset or unsettle one of these creatures," warns King. "Cancearian humans are known to respond in immediate defense to almost anything, even nice things!"

If you don't think it can get any worse, King notes that Cancers are not afraid to use their hard shell. "Malice from this sign is protective and security based, so if you distress a Cancer, be prepared to feel the pinch! They will cut you off."

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