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10 Chic Ways to Elevate Your Look With Jewelry

Turn even your most basic outfits into a statement look with these style tips.

If you've tried on every piece of clothing in your wardrobe just to feel like nothing is working, it might be because you're missing something else entirely: jewelry. Whether you're dressed to the nines for a special night out or wearing basics for your weekend errands, adding the right accessories can take any outfit from drab to dashing. Not sure what pieces to pick? Well, you came to the right place. Ahead, style experts share 10 chic ways to elevate your look with jewelry. Read on for their advice.

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Start with one specific type of jewelry.

Fashion rings and nails

When trying to accessorize your outfit, you may be tempted to throw on every piece of jewelry you own. But it might be a better idea to start slowly.

"First, add a few rings to your look," Ashley Taylor, head jewelry designer and co-founder of Taylor Custom Rings, says.

She explains that rings are a great way for beginners to elevate their appearance with jewelry because there are so many different options. "Try a ring or two on your index finger and fourth finger (on either hand)," she suggests.

"One fun trend is layering a thinner band with a thicker one," she notes. "It can be super fun to add some chunky pieces into your collection, and pairing them with daintier pieces can add a lot of dimension."

Pick pieces you can layer.

perfect fall outfit accessories. fashion blogger wearing a black elegant coat, a v-neck see through shirt and a beautiful and trendy golden chain necklace

Tabitha Frazier, jewelry designer and owner of the Alabama-based shop Idlewild Everyday, is also a big proponent of layering jewelry pieces. But it doesn't just have to be rings. Instead, try two or three necklaces.

When layering necklaces, you should start with a shorter "base" piece that is around 16 to 18 inches in length, according to Frazier. Then, add another that is 20 to 22 inches, and if you want to take it a step further, complete the look with a third, longer piece that is roughly 30 to 32 inches long.

"Usually the base piece should be simple, with the middle or chest-area piece having the largest or visually heaviest charm on it," the jewelry designer adds.

Make an effort to mix metals.

Elegant jewelry set. Jewellery set with gemstones. Jewelry accessories collage. Product still life concept. Ring, necklace and earrings.

You might have always been told that you can't mix silver and gold jewelry, but Frazier says you should forget that advice.

"Women can elevate their look easily by mixing metals. It is a modern, elevated, sophisticated way to finish any outfit, whether dressing up or more casually," Frazier explains. "When you make at least one piece a mixed metal piece, and it just opens up so much more possibility in styling options—and surprisingly makes creating stylish outfits easier!"

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Lean into your timeless classics.


Trends can certainly turn any look into a chic and creative masterpiece. But that doesn't mean you need to count out your timeless classics, according to Guy Cohen, chief marketing officer of Keyzar Jewelry.

"Unlike fashion trends that come and go, quality pieces endure, becoming heirlooms passed down through generations," he says. "They add a sense of refinement and polish to any ensemble."

So, don't hesitate to pull out those older pieces hidden in the back of your jewelry box. "Diamond studs or a simple pendant necklace can effortlessly elevate any look, while delicate bracelets or stackable rings add a touch of sophistication without overwhelming the outfit," Cohen notes.

Work on complementing rather than competing.

beautiful young woman, after 30, elegant dressed. Light interior. The image of a business woman with jewelry from gems and gold

Cohen also believes in the idea that "less is often more" when it comes to styling fine jewelry.

"Opt for pieces that complement rather than compete with your outfit," he recommends. "For example, pair a statement necklace with a simple dress or stack dainty rings for an understated yet elegant touch."

But don't shy away from going big and bold.

Close-up of female hand with rings touching her golden chain necklace, natural morning light

This doesn't mean you have to stick to small, dainty pieces of jewelry that can barely be seen by the naked eye, however. There are also timeless choices that can be understated and impactful at the same time, according to Rustin Yasavolian, fine jewelry consultant and CEO at Masina Diamonds.

"For a [bolder] look, we love seeing big chunky gold pieces paired with a clean, 'old money' outfit," he says.

Try out unique materials.

Set of luxury jewelry, black handmade bracelets made of natural stones and minerals. On black

When it comes to creating bold looks for her clients, Jamie Batiste, jewelry designer, stylist, and founder of the Rejected Hearts Club, leans toward multi-strand pieces of jewelry with one unique material: hematite beads.

"The use of hematite beads, known for their striking metallic luster and healing elements, creates the appeal of making a statement," she tells Best Life. "And people always get compliments, which is another great feature for confidence."

Figure out where you want to draw focus.

Close up of smiling woman on beige background. Beautiful female model with a cloth wrapped on head looking away and smiling.

When considering your look as a whole, Yasavolian recommends "reflecting on what aspects of yourself you'd like to draw focus on" before picking your jewelry.

"Earrings will bring more focus to your face and hair, while a tennis bracelet is a great way to draw eyes to your hands and wrists," he explains.

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Consider the cut of your outfit.

A stylishly elegant 'love' necklace on the neck of the girl dressed in white

It's also important to pay attention to the silhouette and cut of your outfit, according to Yasavolian.

"Considering this aspect can help you make sure your jewelry is styled correctly," he says. "For instance, certain necklines look best with certain lengths and styles of necklaces better than others."

Taylor agrees, explaining that "you've probably donned a v-neck top before and thought, 'this is begging for a necklace!'—It is!"

Pick pieces that feel right for you.

Close up picture of womans hand with gold jewelry.

You look best when you feel your best. So, at the end of the day, the most important thing is to make sure you pick the jewelry pieces that feel right for you, according to Barkev Meserlian, founder and CEO of the LA-based jewelry brand Barkev's.

"Beyond its aesthetic appeal, jewelry has a profound impact on a person's confidence," he explains. "Wearing pieces that resonate with your personal style can make you feel more put together, unique, and confident."

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