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The 7 Luckiest Pieces of Jewelry You Can Wear, Experts Say

Bring luck to your life with these seven must-have jewelry items.

If you're looking to cultivate some karmic goodwill, most experts will tell you that the best thing you can do is use your noble efforts to help others. That said, there's nothing wrong with attempting to invite good fortune in other ways—and some say that wearing the right kinds of jewelry can throw open the doors to luck, too.

"While the concept of luck can vary across cultures and beliefs, some types of jewelry have garnered a reputation for attracting positive vibes and enhancing your cosmic charisma," explains Ally Mataj, co-founder of Bonheur Jewelry. "Remember, luck is what you make of it, and there's no harm in adding a bit of sparkle to your life while you're at it."

Wondering what to pick to get the universe on your side? Read on to learn the seven luckiest pieces of jewelry you can wear, according to both jewelers and spiritual experts.

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Certain gemstones, minerals, and crystals

Jade bangle or bracelet on the wrist and a green jade ring on a finger against a black background. Close-up photo

Beyond making a style statement, adorning yourself in certain gemstones and crystals is believed to bring good luck, experts say.

"When it comes to summoning good luck, these have been cherished across the ages," says Mataj. "For instance, the radiant green jade is a symbol of harmony and protection in Chinese culture. Meanwhile, the rich blue hues of sapphire are believed to bring wisdom and serenity. And let's not forget the fiery red of rubies, which is often associated with passion and vitality."

Nikhil Jogia, managing director for Jogia Diamonds, agrees that specific gemstones can bring luck to the wearer. He says that moonstones are an auspicious symbol of hope, abundance, fertility, and harmony.

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Four-leaf clover charms

Gold four-leaf clover charm necklace on a pale blue background
mr_morton / iStock

Certain charms and symbols are widely considered lucky in American culture—horseshoes and wishbones, for example—but it's the four-leaf clover that experts call out.

"The four-leaf clover has long been considered a harbinger of good fortune. And why not wear this emblem of luck as a charming pendant or as part of a chic bracelet?" suggests Mataj. "Each time you glance at it, you'll be reminded of the serendipitous moments life has to offer."

Linda Berry, a metaphysical expert, astrologer, and owner of the Spiritual Discovery Center, says that when you don a four-leaf clover charm on a bracelet, the side you wear it on can change its meaning. "It should be worn on the left wrist to ensure the attraction of money and wealth. If worn on the right wrist, it promotes giving away, losing, and spending money," she explains.

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The evil eye

Evil eye bracelets on a rack in a store.
Photo Volcano / Shutterstock

Found in various cultures around the world, evil eye talismans are used to ward off envious glances and negative energies, Mataj says. In essence, they bring good luck by protecting you from the bad.

"This captivating symbol, often featured in necklaces and bracelets, is thought to protect the wearer from ill intentions. Whether in the form of a delicate pendant or an intricate bracelet, the evil eye is a stylish way to keep negativity at bay," she explains.

Sophia Rose, owner of Wisdom of The Spirit, a blog devoted to decoding signs, symbols, and dreams, says she reaches for her evil eye jewelry when times get tough.

"I often wear an evil eye bracelet during turbulent times as a shield against misfortune. It reminds me to focus on positivity," she shares.

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Kabbalah bracelets

Braided red thread bracelet on the wrist of Israel. Symbol, amulet against the evil eye. Display case with decorations at the Carmel market in Tel Aviv. Souvenir from the holy land.

Rose says that red thread Kabbalah bracelets, knotted seven times, are another powerful symbol of luck. In fact, she says she gifted these bracelets to her own children before they left for college "to ward off the envy of others."

Berry explains that wearing a Kabbalah Bracelet is a tradition rooted in Judaism and Kabbalah. "In present day, no matter what their religious background, people are choosing to wear this popular red string bracelet on the left wrist for its power of protection and safety, as well as its ability to ward off negative energy and misfortune," she says, adding that the red string may often be adorned and weaved with gemstones and crystals for added luck.

However, wearers should be forewarned that once you put the scarlet string bracelet on, you cannot remove it. The wearer must wait for it to loosen and fall off on its own accord—otherwise, the cycle of luck may be broken, Berry cautions.

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Jewelry featuring lucky numbers

gold wedding rings with detail of the dates engraved in the ring
Brothers_Art / iStock

Whether featured as the main design or subtly engraved, jewelry that features lucky numbers can also help usher in good luck.

"In some cultures of Asian descent, the number 9 is believed to be the luckiest number to adorn jewelry," says Berry. "Because of it being a 'luckier' odd number and it being three times the lucky number 3, it's considered the best number to wear for prosperity. It's known to bring good fortune in business, career, and work and is best to be worn when starting new projects in these areas of life."

Mataj also recommends wearing numbers of personal significance. "From birth dates to lucky numbers, personalized jewelry carries a special charm," she tells Best Life. "Whether it's a pendant featuring your lucky digit or a bracelet with a meaningful date, these pieces allow you to carry your fortune with style."

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Jewelry featuring sacred shapes

Beautiful necklace with natural stone pendant

Like lucky numbers, certain shapes in jewelry can also bring the wearer good luck, Mataj says. In particular, she says that hexagonally shaped charms are considered especially fortuitous.

"The hexagon is a cornerstone of sacred geometry, a realm where shapes and patterns hold profound spiritual significance. With its symmetry and balance, the hexagon is seen as a representation of harmony within the universe," she explains. "Wearing hexagon jewelry is like carrying a piece of this cosmic order with you, inviting equilibrium and balance into your life."

Berry adds that this auspicious shape is used frequently in Feng Shui and will boost the "chi" energy of those who wear it.

"Having this shape adorned in or made of jade brings the wearer increased wealth and prosperity," she adds.

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young asian woman putting on pearl necklace
Shutterstock / Pearl PhotoPix

If the most recent Met Gala is any indication—and of course it is—pearls are decidedly on-trend for 2023. Yet experts say that their appeal goes deeper than a fashion statement. They're also believed to invite wealth and luck, especially in love and matrimony.

"Some believe pearls bring luck, success, and even fertility," says Rose. "As they grow within oysters naturally, pearls represent the unfolding of life's beauty. I often wear pearl earrings or necklaces during new moons to amplify intentions of growth."

However, while certain symbols are considered universally associated with luck, the spiritualist adds that you don't need to follow the crowd to invite blessings into your life. Anything that has personal meaning and significance for you can open doors to a more fortuitous future.

"The resonance we feel with talismans is deeply personal, so I recommend meditating on which symbols call to your soul. An open heart and mind attract exactly the luck we need," Rose shares.

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