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5 Herbs That Attract Good Luck, Experts Say

You'll have all the good vibes.

We all know that certain herbs are key ingredients in the best dishes. Not only are they good for cooking, but these easy-to-find items can be used for healing and spiritual purposes, too. And did you know that some are actually great for attracting good luck? Whether you're looking for prosperity, protection, or just need a little good juju in your life, these herbs may help you flip your fortune.

"You can use them by burning them as incense, creating sachets or amulets, brewing herbal teas, or using them as decorative displays to attract luck and positive energy," says Adriana Ayales, founder and clinical herbalist at Amina Mundi Herbals. Keep reading to hear from astrologers and herbal experts on which herbs might be your new lucky charms.

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Basil Leaves on Wooden Board
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Basil is one of the most popular herbs in the kitchen (hello pesto!), but it's all up there on the list of ones that can bring a little luck into your life. "It is believed to bring luck, prosperity, and protection, and is associated with positive energy," says Ayales.

When it comes to rituals and manifestations, basil is often used to bring about good luck in terms of finances. Charlotte King, radio astrologer on the Bob and Sheri Show, says basil was often gifted to couples who were newly engaged to bless their future with prosperity. The use of basil and other herbs in weddings goes back as early as 800 BC. According to the blog The Sage, a Roman bride would carry basil in her bouquet to bring on luck and fertility. Basil was also used in the production of royal perfumes and still signifies extreme wealth, King notes.

Angela Higgins, principal designer and owner of Nourished Home and member of the International Feng Shui Guild, says to place any basil plants at the entrance of the home for good fortune.


Mint Leaves on Counter
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If the green is what you need, you can also look toward mint. This versatile herb is said to bring financial growth and prosperity. King notes that it just so happens to be the name of where a country's primary currency is produced, so it's almost guaranteed that the dough will be rolling in.

"Add mint to dishes and beverages with the intention that it will bring good fortune to all who enjoy it," says Stina Garbis, astrologer and owner at Psychic Stina. With so many different types to choose from, mint is a must-have for all things money. You can also place it around the house to get rid of any negativity or unwanted energy.

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Cinnamon Sticks and Ground Cinnamon

Cinnamon is found in most kitchens. Not only does it smell nice, Garbis explains that it will also add energy and excitement and a little oomph to any goal that you wish to set.

"It is like the quartz crystal of the herb realm, in that it enhances every intention you use with it," says Garbis.

While it's used in so many recipes and has an array of health benefits, it's also something you may want to have for luck. "Cinnamon is believed to attract wealth, success, and positive energy," says Ayales. "It is often used in money spells or rituals to bring financial luck."


Chamomile Flowers in Tea
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Chamomile is good for the body and the mind. It's like a warm hug in a cup, plus it is associated with relaxation, peace, and positive energy, Ayales tells Best Life.

The whole flower can be used to bring good luck and fortune, or you can sprinkle it in and around items to manifest your desires, Garbis explains. "You can also speak your wish into your tea that you are drinking, seeing your dream as a reality with each sip," she says.

It's often used in healing rituals and if you're not drinking it, you can put some of the leaves in a sachet or amulet. King says it's specifically thought to bring luck in someone's professional endeavors.

Lavender Sprigs and Oil
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Lavender is quite soothing—and in addition to being a popular scent for candles and body care products, it's also known to be lucky. "It is a calming herb with anti-stress properties that support it as a wellness boosting plant," says King.

Garbis suggests pairing it with rose petals for a more enhanced experience.

"Put them in satchels, or keep them under your pillow to bring good dreams and attract love," says Garbis. It can also help bring peace and self-love.

Fortunately, lavender is easy to grow. But if you don't have a green thumb you can just as simply pick some up at your local nursery. "Feng Shui believes that keeping lavender plants nearby not only brings good fortune and luck, but also offers protection against negative energy," says Higgins.

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