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The Luckiest Colors to Paint Your Front Door, According to Feng Shui Experts

The entrance to your home is the perfect place to create good energy.

We'll take extra luck any way we can get it. For some of us, that means wearing a lucky color, while for others it involves carrying a good luck charm. You'll also want to ensure your home is set up to attract as much luck as possible. In feng shui, that starts with painting your front door a luck-promoting hue. According to the practice, different colors have different impacts on your energy and the way you behave in a space. So, it makes sense that the entrance to your home is an ideal place to start zhuzhing things up. Read on to hear from feng shui experts about the five luckiest colors to paint your front door.

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The Luckiest Colors to Paint Your Front Door

1. Red

front door on the home, fall home upgrades

"In Chinese culture, red is considered a symbol of good fortune and is often used during important ceremonies and celebrations," explains Matthias Dettmann, psychologist, tarot reader, and feng shui expert. "In Feng Shui, the practice of arranging living spaces to create a harmonious environment, a red front door is believed to invite positive energy and good luck into the home."

The same is true in other cultures, too. The color is an almost-universal symbol of prosperity and happiness. Pass through it each day, and you'll feel a rush of energy and positivity. You might even elicit the same happy feelings from passersby who take note of your cheery entryway.

2. Black

black door home upgrades with highest return

The next-luckiest color for your front door is a popular one. "Black is associated with strength, power, and sophistication," says Dettmann. "It is also believed to provide protection and absorb negative energy."

Because of that, you may notice more fortuitous situations in your life and fewer unwanted ones.

The color is powerful, though, so feng shui experts suggest adding black to your home's decor gradually. The front door is a terrific place to start. From there, you can add it to other home accessories and walls.

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3. Yellow

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Who could resist painting their front door this sunny, charming hue? In a TikTok video, inner child healer and feng shui expert Stacy Scott explains that because it's connected to earth energy, "yellow in feng shui is linked to overall health and wellness."

Dettmann notes that the color is lucky in other cultures, too. "In Hinduism, the color yellow is associated with knowledge and learning and is often used to paint front doors to invite good energy and success," he says. It has an uplifting and cheery effect on anyone who sees it.

4. Green

green Front door

Green is another color that's been historically associated with luck and prosperity. It comes into play in feng shui, too.

"Green is pretty awesome—it's all about growing, staying healthy, and keeping things nice and balanced," says Michelle Justice, feng shui expert at Nature Sound Retreat. "If you want a peaceful and chill vibe in your life, green's the way to go."

Flank your green door with actual greenery for even more luck. In feng shui, adding a healthy plant to a space is an easy way to boost its energy.

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5. Blue

blue front entry door with wreath

The color of the sky and water, this lucky hue brings tranquility. "If you're more into communication, relaxation, and having plenty of good stuff in your life, then blue's your color," says Justice. "It can help make your home feel super calm and peaceful."

In feng shui, it's associated with refreshment and healing. We could all use more of that in our day-to-day to promote lucky experiences.

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