7 Flowers That Will Bring Good Luck Into Your Home, Experts Say

Help your luck blossom with these auspicious flowers.

Keeping flowers in your home can instantly add a pop of color and a sense of cheer. But experts say that beyond their aesthetic benefits, certain flowers are also believed to bring good luck into your home. In fact, putting particular blossoms in a vase or pot can represent luck in love, wealth, and new beginnings, or it can invite harmony and happiness into your home. Read on to learn which seven flowers are considered especially lucky and to find out what each one represents.

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Woman Smelling Orchids on the Table
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They may be a slight challenge to maintain, but if you can keep them thriving, orchids are considered an auspicious flower to have in the home.

"Orchids are considered lucky in several cultures, including Chinese and Japanese. They symbolize prosperity, wealth, and abundance," explains Aaditya Bhatta, founder of the gardening site Plants Craze. "In Chinese culture, orchids are believed to attract positive energy and good fortune, while in Japanese culture, they are associated with purity and elegance."

Zahid Adnan, a gardener and the founder of The Plant Bible, adds that giving a potted orchid as a gift for a special occasion can symbolize good wishes and good luck to the recipient.


Sunflowers in a vase

Big, bold, and beautiful, sunflowers add a sense of vitality and cheer to your home. And experts say these colorful blooms can also bring good luck.

"In many cultures, sunflowers symbolize happiness, positivity, and good fortune," notes Adnan. "Their resemblance to the sun and their ability to bring warmth and light make them a popular choice for attracting positive energy."


Spa still life with perfume bottle and lotus flower

A unique aquatic plant, the lotus may not be the first flower you think to bring into your home. However, experts say they're considered lucky in many traditions, representing divine perfection, luck, and rebirth.

"The lotus flower is highly revered in many Eastern cultures and is considered a symbol of purity, enlightenment, and spiritual growth," says Adnan. "The lotus thrives in muddy waters, yet its blossoms rise above the surface, representing resilience and the ability to overcome challenges. It is often associated with good fortune, prosperity, and the attainment of inner peace."

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Marigolds Outside
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Vibrant and colorful, marigolds are believed to bring good luck and prosperity in many cultures, note Adnan.

"In Mexican traditions, marigolds are used during the Day of the Dead celebrations to honor deceased loved ones and guide their spirits back home," he says. "These flowers are also used as a protective charm against negative energies and are believed to bring joy and positive energy to the household."

Diane Cox, founder of The Gardening Talk and a floral expert with over 15 years of experience, agrees that bringing marigolds into the home can usher in good luck.

"In both India and Mexico, marigolds are cherished as lucky flowers," she says. "They are believed to repel negative forces and attract harmonious vibrations."


Vase with beautiful daffodils on table in kitchen

Emerging in the early spring alongside tulips and hyacinth, daffodils mark the end of winter and represent rebirth and new beginnings.

"Most notably, daffodils bloom around Chinese New Year, which helps solidify their reputation as tremendously lucky," says Elle Meager, founder of Outdoor Happens. "Many Chinese gardeners believe that if daffodils bloom precisely on Chinese New Year, it's an enormous boon to your health, fortune, and luck for the entire year."

Cox adds that when they are brought indoors from spring gardens, daffodils are said to attract prosperity. "With their distinctive trumpet-shaped blossoms, daffodils are seen as bearers of good news."

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closeup of pink peonies
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A popular flower for spring wedding bouquets, peonies are also believed to bring good luck in Chinese culture.

"They symbolize prosperity, honor, and good fortune," explains Bhatta. "Peonies are often associated with wealth and success and are believed to bring luck, especially in business and personal relationships. Displaying peonies in your home is [thought] to attract positive energy and enhance the overall harmony of the household."

Zeeshan Haider, founder of Greenry Enthusiast, notes that thanks to their reputation as a lucky flower, they make uniquely thoughtful offerings when you visit someone's home. "They are often used in traditional Chinese art and given as gifts to bring luck and good fortune."


chrysanthemum in pot

A fall flower with colorful blooms, chrysanthemums (also known as simply "mums") can make a striking addition to your floral arrangements, and Cox says they're also considered good luck in the home.

"Chrysanthemums are highly regarded in Chinese culture for their association with longevity and good fortune. They are often exchanged as gifts during Chinese New Year festivities," she explains.

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