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5 Houseplants That Ward Off Negative Energy, Experts Say

Bring all the good juju into your home.

Houseplants can be a calming and brightening presence no matter where you live. "The best plants are ones you are drawn to, find beauty in and work for you and your lifestyle," says Angela Higgins, principal designer and owner of Nourished Home and member of the International Feng Shui Guild. While it's true that decorating with plants can make your house prettier, some are also known to ward off negative energy. Indoor plants can help boost positivity and relieve stress, plus they can also bring some much needed luck your way. Keep reading to see which plants are best for getting rid of all that bad juju.

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Snake Plant

Small Snake Plant
Ashley-Belle Burns/Shutterstock

Snake plant, or known to some as mother-in-law's tongue, is an easy to care for, low-maintenance plant that may also bring good vibes. "It is believed to filter out negative energy," says Bryan Clayton, the CEO at GreenPal. It's also known for its air-purifying qualities, and helps remove toxins from the air in your home.

Higgins notes that because they need so little care, they can thrive in just about any environment. The spiky leaves make the snake plant seem a little sinister, but it's actually known to fight off bad luck and guard your home from evil spirits.

"In terms of placement, they are quite versatile but often favored in bedrooms or living areas," says Clayton—adding that they're easy to find and resilient.


Woman Smelling Orchids on the Table
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Not only are orchids bright and pretty, they're a very commanding plant as well. "It sort of commandeers the energy and demands that it be positive because that's just what it needs in order to thrive," says Jamie Gomes, tarot reader at Witchy Spiritual Stuff.

It's a great plant to have at the entrance or front of your home because it sets the tone for guests, Gomes tells Best Life. "Orchids are also excellent at boosting energy, and their colorful appearance is known for calming the mind," says Virginia Hayes, florist and indoor plant pro at Westerlay Orchids.

Higgins says they need a lot of sunlight and can be temperamental with too much heat. When it's healthy it's great for getting rid of the negative energy, but when it starts to droop it can bring the energy down just as fast.

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Peace Lily

Woman Holding Peace Lily

Peace lilies are pretty common, and like the snake plant, they're pretty easy to take care of and maintain. They are also known to help neutralize harmful indoor gases.

"You'll want to put them in areas with stagnant energy or high pollution levels to help improve the atmosphere," says Benita Middleton, head gardener at Benita's Garden Services.

The plant can offer prosperity spiritually, mentally, and physically, Clayton tells Best Life. While Middleton notes that the peace lily is believed to promote harmony and a sense of calm.

While it often brings serenity and has a natural calming vibe once you place it in your home,  you should also be warned that these plants or toxic for animals. So if you have a cat or dog, you may want to look toward the other plants on this list.


Bamboo Plants

In Feng Shui practices, Bamboo is considered to be a symbol of good luck and good fortune. "It is believed to bring positive energy and prosperity," says Middleton.

You can find it easily and it's typically sold as lucky bamboo. Direct sunlight isn't required and you can grow it in water or soil.

"Placing bamboo plants in the eastern part of your home is thought to enhance positive chi or energy flow," Middleton adds.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Houseplant
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We all know how much better your skin feels when you use Aloe Vera after a bad sunburn, but Gomes says to "think about it like that but for the energy in the air."

It's a cleansing and soothing plant that doesn't need too much watering. "Aside from its healing properties, aloe vera is believed to fight off bad luck and negative energy," says Clayton.

Gomes suggests placing it in the bathroom to get that relaxing spa type of vibe right at home. It's an adaptable plant and can thrive in both fully sun-lit places, as well as spots that don't get as much sunlight.

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