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5 Ways to Ward Off the Evil Eye, Experts Say

Add this piece of jewelry to your collection for peace of mind.

Whether you're fully immersed in the world of mysticism or only pay attention sometimes, you've probably heard of the evil eye. "The evil eye is a form of negative energy or spiritual affliction typically caused by a malicious stare or malevolent gaze," explains Captolia Eaton, a professional witch and spiritual business coach.

It's said that it can cause bad luck, depression, illness, financial troubles, and, in the worst case, death. Some evil eyes are cast deliberately and can be caused by a hex, curse, or general ill will. Others, however, are delivered via slight jealousy or even longing for something someone else has—and a person might not even realize they've given one.

Fortunately, there are ways to ward off the evil eye. Here, witches tell us the key ways to protect yourself. With a few changes to your home, jewelry collection, and thought processes, you'll be so much safer.

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How to Ward Off the Evil Eye

1. Wear these jewelry pieces.


Sporting specific jewelry, charms, and amulets are one of the most common ways to ward off the evil eye.

"The most popular is probably the Nazar, an orb with blue and white concentric circles resembling an eye that reflects the malevolent gaze back to the sender, protecting its wearer from harm," says Eaton.

Another common piece is the Hamsa, or the Hand of Fatima, which looks like a hand. "It originates from Islamic and Jewish culture, and it is believed to ward off negative energy and protect its wearer from harm," explains Eaton.

If you don't have access to those pieces but do have access to a general jewelry store, Eaton says that a snake or scorpion necklace can also have protective effects. Those animals are associated with protection against negativity.

2. Keep these crystals nearby.

Close up of a Black Tourmaline crystal in someone's hand
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There are some stones you can use to ward off the evil eye simply by keeping them in your home or meditating with them, although you can also wear them.

"Black tourmaline, black kyanite, onyx, and even diamonds are examples of stones that can be worn as protection," says Eaton.

Black tourmaline absorbs negative energy, black kyanite protects from psychic attacks like curses and hexes, onyx shields against negative energy and psychic attacks, and diamonds protect from enemies if you hold them while reciting the Lord's prayer.

Collect the ones that speak to you most when you visit your next crystal shop.

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3. Learn a protective mantra.

A woman is closing her eyes, doing breathing exercise and meditating in nature.
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Performing a recitation is easy, fast, and free. What's more, it's extremely powerful.

"Simply stating: 'I cleanse, clear, and release any lingering, negative, stagnant energy that does not belong to me and call back in my own energy to me' and saying your name three times out loud or in your head can work wonders," says Talisa Zampieri, intuitive Tarot reader, traditional astrologer, and owner of Two Wander x Elysium Rituals.

If you're more the writer type, Zampieri suggests the Latin Sator square. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, "It is the most well-known example of a lettered magic square, with 25 letters that make up a five-by-five grid of acrostic Latin palindromes."

To use this prayer, write "SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS" on consecutive lines on a piece of paper to confuse spirits. Keep it with you for protection.

4. Protect your entryway.

Your entryway is a powerful space when it comes to protection. Michele Lefler, a Jewish witch, shamanic coach, and owner of Living Moon Meditation, suggests placing a Nazar or Hamsa on the door.

You can also paint your door red, which is the color of luck, or hang protective herbs such as garlic, lemon, and chili peppers on the door knob. By protecting the entrance of your home from bad energy, you'll minimize how much can follow you in.

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5. Avoid judging others.

couple judgmental
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The easiest way to ward off the evil eye doesn't come from the things you buy, it comes from your mind.

Lori-Grace, the founder of The Little Witch and headmistress at the Canadian School of Witchery, says it's an example of the law of attraction, or behaving and attracting the energy you want for yourself. That means never casting judgment or throwing curses at others, she explains. "To be a person who radiates love and positivity is a big enough light to ward off any evil eye out there."

When you feel safe, secure, and trusting that no one can put anything "on" you, then your protection will flow.

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