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The 6 Luckiest Girl Names, According to Astrologers

Invite good fortune into your daughter's life with these lucky names.

All names have meaning—maybe yours was passed down in the family, or perhaps it reminded your parents of their favorite song. But what if your name is also lucky? Choosing names that invite luck and good fortune is becoming more and more popular these days. And one way to do this is with astrology. If you're curious about what the luckiest girl names are, keep reading to hear from astrologers.

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The 6 Luckiest Girl Names

1. Felicity/Felicia

Felicity in Tiles on the Street
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According to Julie Hackett, founder and chief storyteller of Name Stories, Felicity (or Felicia) is one of the luckiest names for a girl. It originates from Fortuna, the Roman goddess of luck. "It literally means happiness, fruitfulness, fortune, good luck," she explains.

Kerry Ward, astrologer and tarot and spirituality expert at Tarotoo, adds that Felicity comes from felicitas, the Latin word for good fortune.

In modern English, felicity as a noun also means intense happiness or bliss, so anyone with this name is bound to have good things come their way.

2. Beatrice/Beatrix

Beatrice Street Sign

Beatrice originates from the Latin word beatus, which means happy or blessed.

There was an early saint whose Latin name Viatrix was conveniently altered to Beatrix, Hackett tells Best Life. The name was first made popular by the Saint and can take on either form (Beatrice or Beatrix).

"She who is blessed or she who brings happiness, is the direct meaning of the name," says Ward, who adds that Beatrice's variant Beatrix means voyager, so girls with this name can be destined to go far!

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3. Grace

Grace name in Bricks

"By definition this name is associated with divinity, making the energetics prime for receiving blessings," says Lauren DeGolia, clarity consultant and astrologer at Fresh Start Registry. Grace comes from the Latin word grâtia, meaning favor or blessing.

"Additionally, the key to manifestation is leveraging grace to and detachment from the outcome," says DeGolia. "Doing this lowers our expectations, allows us to find more gratitude in the present moment, and activates all the luck in our field."

4. Amber

Amber Jewelry

Not only is Amber a lucky name, but it's also a pretty popular gemstone. It has Celtic and Arabic roots, and Ward says "the Hindi Amber comes from Sanskrit and means 'the sky,' so sky's the limit for Ambers!"

As a gemstone, it's yellowish brown and is formed from fossilized tree resin. The Romans called it electrum, meaning "charged with electricity," due to its ability to attract other substances when rubbed, Hackett tells Best Life.

"I refer to it as 'The Happy Stone' because it is known to bring happiness and good luck," says Hackett.

Girls with this name are sure to have a fierceness about them as well.

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5. Eva/Zoe

Zoe Wooden Letters
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These names may be short and sweet, but they pack a lot of punch, as both of them mean "life."

"Energetically, this name could be perceived as lucky because of the vibes around it that activate more living and lived experience," says DeGolia.

Eva comes from Hebrew and is related to Eve, the first woman on Earth, whereas Zoe has Greek roots.

"The ability to tune into the parts of us that bring us to life or experience a more full and meaningful life are lucky," adds DeGolia.

6. Tessa


Tessa Block Letters

Tessa might not come to mind immediately, especially since it directly translates to fourth child. However, the meaning behind it, harvest, is great for attracting luck.

"A person named Tessa is someone who leads with appreciation for the things that have materialized in her life, or that she's harvested," says DeGolia.

She adds that the name Tessa can make someone an instant magnet for everything they desire because appreciation is the highest vibration of luck.

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