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9 Things You Didn't Realize You Can Get for Free With Amazon Prime

There are lot more handy perks to your membership besides the free shipping.

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Anyone who shops on Amazon enough knows that shelling out for a Prime subscription can pay dividends. For $14.99 per month, members can get free shipping on all orders, making it an excellent way to save money whenever you shop with the e-commerce giant. But while this alone may justify the cost, there are other perks that come with the membership that fly under the radar. Read on for the things you didn't realize you can get for free with Amazon Prime, according to experts.

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9 Ways to Get Free Things on Amazon

Amazon First Reads

Amazon Kindle e book reader on the pile of books
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Now they sell practically everything, but Amazon started as an online bookstore. Today, the company has its own industry-leading e-reader known as the Kindle, which makes it easy to keep your latest page-turner with you wherever you go. And if you're already paying for Prime, you can find your next read for free.

"Prime members can select a free ebook every month from a selection of titles and genres with access to Amazon First Reads—typically around seven or so," says Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with "Even better, you should be able to get another of the titles for a discounted rate if you like more than one and just can't decide."

She explains that historically, the price has been $4.99 for non-Prime members, meaning serious savings are built in. Subscribers will pay just $1.99 for any additional titles from the monthly selection.

Free Grubhub+

Delivery man bringing food to a customer

Amazon is a great place to stock up on groceries and other essentials without having to leave the house. As a Prime member, you could also be saving some money the next time you want to order in for dinner.

"I'm always surprised people don't know you can get a Grubhub+ subscription free for a year with your Amazon Prime membership. This is a $119.88 value!" says Melissa Cid, consumer savings expert at

With this perk, delivery fees are waived on orders over $12, and service fees will be lower overall. You'll also receive access to exclusive offers that could help you save even more.

Prime Gaming perks

A person playing a video game on a console
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Whether you're one of the first to pick up every new game or simply like to play the classics, it's always nice to have a few options at hand when you're looking for a new challenge. Fortunately, access to Prime Gaming is just another one of the perks that comes with your membership.

"Just by being a Prime member, you can get your hands on exclusive in-game loot and free monthly PC games," says Ramhold. "It also includes a free monthly Twitch subscription that you can use to support your favorite streamers."

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Photo and video storage

A person taking a photo using an iPhone
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Of all the things the smartphone in your pocket can do, taking pictures and videos is arguably one of its most useful features. And there's one free Prime perk that can come in handy when snapping too many photos has clogged your device's memory.

"It's an overlooked bonus, but Amazon Prime members get unlimited full-resolution photo storage and five gigabytes of video storage with their subscription," says Trae Bodge, a smart shopping expert at "This is nice because you will pay for storage on other platforms (like Apple) if you take a lot of pictures."

Deal alerts

Woman shopping online on Amazon website on iPad.

Besides the convenience, shopping on Amazon can also be a great way to easily score a deal on an item you're after. Your Prime membership can alert you to upcoming sales and specials ahead of other customers, according to Ramhold.

However, it might take some extra equipment to get the full benefit. "You'll need a newer Echo device in order to take advantage of this perk, so you may want to watch for device deals around Prime Day if you have older models," she says. "But once you have them, you can essentially set up alerts so that Alexa will inform you of upcoming deals on products that you want to track."

Free Prime Music

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Digital music streaming services are a must for anyone who wants access to their favorite songs and artists on-demand. Unfortunately, these costs can seriously ding budget. Prime members might be surprised to discover there are plenty of tunes at their disposal as part of their subscription perks.

"Again, most people don't know this, but Prime membership comes with free access to over 100 million songs on Prime Music," Bodge tells Best Life. In addition to ad-free music, you also get access to top podcasts without commercials.

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Cash back (with a co-branded Visa credit card)

Happy woman shopping on her phone with credit card
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Prime membership already offers a direct way to save on your purchases by providing free shipping. Experts say that one form of payment can help you reap even more benefits on the platform.

"The Prime Visa card is a fee-free card that I would recommend for frequent Amazon shoppers—so long as they have a healthy relationship with their credit cards," says Bodge. "By using it, you'll earn 5 percent cash back on Amazon, Whole Foods, Amazon Grocery, and Chase Travel; 2 percent back on gas, restaurants, and commuting costs; and 1 percent everywhere else."

In some cases, there can be an even better return: She explains that cardholders can often get 6 percent cash back if they opt for slower shipping and 10 percent on select sale items. Some users will also receive an Amazon gift card worth up to $100 when they enroll.

A free baby registry box

A baby crawling on the carpet with a bottle

Whether you're taking your first step into parenthood or adding another member to the family, having a baby is an expensive endeavor. A Prime membership can help here, as well.

"Select members can get a free welcome box when you create a baby registry for more than 10 unique items and make $10 worth of purchases," says Bodge. She says just make sure to read the fine print: Shipping and tax don't count towards the amount, and neither do gift card purchases.

Free access to Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video
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Over the last few years, streaming services have become so common that some companies will include membership as a perk when you buy an item or sign  up for a service. This includes Amazon Prime members, who get full access to streaming movies and TV shows on Prime Video with their membership, says Bodge.

The service also includes access to some live events, including MLB and NFL games. However, the company recently caused controversy when it announced that Prime members would have to pay an extra $2.99 per month to avoid "limited advertisements" while watching the service.

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