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8 Things Home Depot Shoppers Don't Realize They Can Get for Free

These services could help you with your home improvement projects and save you money.

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If you're working on home renovations, you'll likely make a trip or two to Home Depot. And even though the home improvement store runs sales and promotions, you could probably save a lot more than you thought. In fact, Home Depot has several free resources available to shoppers, from designer consultations to no-cost paint necessities. Keep reading to learn the eight things you might not have realized you can get for free at Home Depot.

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You can get a free consultation with an expert.

Cropped shot of a handsome middle aged man shaking hands with a financial advisor during a consultation at home

Home renovations or repairs can be a daunting task for even the most experienced DIYers. But for hundreds of projects, from kitchen remodels to closet organization installations, Home Depot offers free consultation services with experts and designers to help answer your questions and provide a quote.

"To get expert advice from a Home Depot design consultant in your area, schedule a free virtual or in-home consultation," the retailer advises on its website. For the latter, the consultant will even take measurements for you.

You can get your materials cut down for free.

Closeup of a circular saw cutting through construction timber. Horizontal shot.

The materials you need for home improvement projects—wood, pipes, or wire—may not always be sold in the specific size you require. But if you're buying any of these items from Home Depot, there is a free service at all stores to cut the materials for you.

According to the DIY website Restore Decor and More, Home Depot will also cut keys, drywall, shades, wire shelving, closet poles, metal, pipes, rain gutters, ropes, chains, and blinds.

But there may be restrictions on how many free cuts you can get at one time. And for some products—like wood, for example—the retailer won't make cuts under 12 inches or provide precision and project cuts.

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You can rent tools instead of buying them.

Close up of a man's hand reaching for a wrench among a tool box

While it's not technically free to rent tools from Home Depot, it is a service that can save you a lot of money. According to the home improvement retailer, most of its U.S. stores have rental centers where shoppers can borrow tools. Home Depot even offers truck rentals so "you can transport large items safely, without damaging your own vehicle," the company explains.

"Renting tools has its advantages. You don't have to store or maintain them. When you're done, just bring it back. We'll take care of it," Home Depot states on its website. "We offer competitive prices for all of our rental services and several different tool rental rate options for your convenience."

Some of the items available to rent include lawnmowers, carpet cleaners, drills, saws, paint sprayers, and even a mini-excavator. You can also search online to see about purchasing used professional-grade tools that have gone through the rental program and are "still in good, working condition," according to Home Depot.

You can get free paint shaking or color re-tint.

Home Depot Paint Aisle
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Rather than letting old paint go to waste, you can take the cans to Home Depot for free shaking on their machines.

"When paint sits for a while, its texture changes. That can be a huge problem if you're planning to use that paint for an upcoming project," explains Samantha Landau, consumer expert at "Bring it into Home Depot for a free shaking, which will help you ensure a smooth paint finish."

She adds that you can also get a free color re-tint: If you want to make the color you bought at Home Depot darker, the paint department can add more pigment to adjust the shade.

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You can snag free paint accessories.

Hand wearing a purple work glove mixing a can of white paint
RightFramePhotoVideo / Shutterstock

The free paint perks don't end there. "When you buy paint or paint samples from The Home Depot, you can get free paint sticks to mix the paint and mini paint can openers which can actually double as a helpful tool for other projects," shares money-saving expert Andrea Woroch.

Per the Family Handyman, a DIY blog for homeowners, you can also use the paint sticks as sanding tools by adding glue and sandpaper to them. The site notes that the mini-can openers can be used as mini-prybars, which are ideal for scraping and pulling.

You can return certain plants for free.

woman spraying plants with spray bottle

While it'll cost you to buy plants from this retailer, Home Depot's free return policy on plants is pretty flexible if things aren't working out. According to its website, you can return most plants to Home Depot within 90 days of purchase. Even better, perennials, trees, and shrubs have a one-year guarantee in which they can be returned.

At the same time, if you order plants—including, but not limited to, houseplants, perennials, trees, holiday trees, wreaths, and garlands—online, and you receive them damaged or dead, Home Depot will ship a replacement at no charge if you contact them within three days of delivery.

Since Jan. 2018, the home improvement retailer has also had an exclusive "Grow a Garden" guarantee which states: "When you use Bonnie plants with Miracle-Gro soils and/or plant foods, we guarantee you'll get a harvest."

In other words, if your Bonnie-brand plants do not produce during the growing season between March and October, you are entitled to a refund for your plant and your Miracle-Gro purchase, according to Home Depot. The only stipulations are that both products must have been purchased within three days of each other, no more than 12 months prior.

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You can attend a free workshop.

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Home Depot offers free workshops so that its "associates can help you take on projects, [and] teach you how to care for different areas of your home." According to the retailer's website, adults can register for several free, interactive live-stream workshops, including those on homeownership, DIY projects, and seasonal safety.

Home Depot even offers a monthly in-store workshop for kids. On the first Saturday of each month, those registered can attend the session that runs between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. And if your child can't make it, you can pick up a free Kids Workshop Kit in-store or purchase one online.

You can get free carpet installation.

Top-down view of a Man Installing Carpet
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Getting new carpeting is exciting—installing it less so. Luckily, Home Depot will do it for you.

According to the Home Depot website, they'll "send a certified technician to your home to collect precise digital measurements of your flooring area and note any special installation requirements" before they lay the new carpet.

However, Landau shares that to get the "free all-inclusive carpet installation," you have to "spend $699 or more on carpeting at Home Depot."

Once you do that, however, another benefit is that the technicians will also rip up and remove the old carpet, as well as move any furniture that may be in the way.

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