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8 Secrets About Home Depot's Garden Department

Get the inside scoop just in time to stock up on spring garden supplies.

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At the first signs of spring, shoppers flock to garden stores for plants, herbs, vegetables, and related paraphernalia. And one of the most popular retailers for the growing season is Home Depot. Their sprawling garden department has everything you need to hit the ground digging. But just because the selection is generous, doesn't mean there aren't some little-known tips and tricks to help you save money, get the best selection, and keep your plants happy. Keep reading to learn eight secrets about Home Depot's garden department.

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Friday morning is the best time to shop.

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Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with, says Home Depot has a weekly ad that typically gets released every Thursday. "So if you can shop on Friday mornings, you'll get a better selection and beat the weekend crowds."

However, note that these promotions may vary on your location and have a longer or shorter duration. "Right now, for example, the spring Black Friday sale is going on; my local ad started on April 13, but is set to run through April 23, rather than until April 20," Ramhold explains.

You can return plants, even if they die.

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Walmart has a very generous return policy when it comes to its garden department.

"Perennials, trees, and shrubs have a one-year guarantee," shares Ramhold. "That means if you plant these items and they die within a year—even if it's on day 364—you can return them for a refund."

"However, you must have your receipt, and if you order online and a plant arrives damaged or dead, you have three days to notify customer service; then they'll send out a replacement at no charge," she explains.

You can return vegetables, too.

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The store's plant refund policy doesn't just cover decorative foliage and flowers. Home Depot also offers a Grow a Garden guarantee for your vegetable garden, though it only covers specific brands.

"This applies specifically to Bonnie plants used with Miracle-Gro soils and plant foods, but Home Depot guarantees a harvest this way," Ramhold previously told Best Life. The Bonnie plants must be under the Harvest Guarantee products.

"If you follow these requirements and your Bonnie plants don't produce anything during the growing season—which runs from March through October—you can receive a refund for your plant and Miracle-Gro purchase," she explained.

Your receipt has to show that you purchased both the plant and the Miracle-Gro product within three days of each other (if they're not on the same receipt), and your purchase must have been made within 12 months.

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You can save 50 percent on bags of soil and mulch.

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When you're shopping for garden staples like soil and mulch, look for bags with small rips or holes. Minor damage won't likely affect the contents, but it will bag you a discount of as much as half off.

In a TikTok video, @yourrichbff explains that any bag with a cut in it or torn open is considered a cull bag. "If you take that bag to the register and try to check out and ask the Home Depot cashier to mark down the cull bag, they will take 50 percent off the purchase price. And if the bag is less than full, they might mark it down even more," she says.

Note that the discount may vary depending on the size and severity of the damage—and the discounting ability of the cashier.

The Spring Black Friday sale is a great time to stock up.

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According to Ramhold, the Spring Black Friday sale (happening this year in mid-April) is when you'll see deals like five bags of mulch for $10, plus garden tools, plants, patio furniture, and more on sale.

Some of these deals may only be available in-store (like the mulch), "but if you have a Home Depot nearby it can be well worth it to visit and shop for all manner of outdoor items during the event," Ramhold says.

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It's best to buy pavers during big sales.

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If you're doing any landscaping and need a large number of pavers, watch for a great deal on them, like four for $1. According to Ramhold, this usually happens during the Spring Black Friday sale and the Memorial Day sale, but they could also go on sale at other times.

"If there's a particular style you like, definitely keep an eye out for this deal and wait for it to drop to this price before stocking up," she advises.

You can save big by buying in bulk.

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This strategy works best if you're doing a big project or splitting materials and cost with someone else. "Be warned that true bulk quantities are required for the discounts—think 480 pavers or more, or four rounds of 12-pack flowers," explains Ramhold.

But if you know you'll need a lot of materials, it can save you big to buy it all at once.

Home Depot will price match the competition.

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As part of their Low Price Guarantee, Home Depot will match the price (plus shipping) of items you find for less elsewhere. Though you should note that only certain retailers qualify.

"If you are looking to invest in a row of shrubs or a tree for your property, compare in-store prices at Lowe's, or even your local garden store," recommends shopping expert Trae Bodge. "Home Depot will usually match that price, including applicable coupons, but not clearance prices."

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