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8 Things Lowe's Shoppers Don't Realize They Can Get for Free

From lumber scraps to cash back, here are all the no-cost ways to shop at Lowe's.

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The debate over which is better, Home Depot or Lowe's, usually comes down to personal preference. Maybe you prefer the brands of paint Home Depot carries or you find nicer plants at Lowe's. Of course, prices also come into play, but something else you may want to consider is what you can get for free at each store. That's right, there are some insider tips and tricks that can help you score items and services for no-cost. Read on for the things most Lowe's shoppers don't realize they can get for free, according to retail experts.

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You can get free lumber scraps.

woman shopping for timber/lumber

If you're the DIY type, you probably like having extra odds and ends in your tool shed—and you can stock up on free scraps of wood from Lowe's, according to Scott Lieberman, founder of Touchdown Money.

"When Lowe's makes custom cuts for lumber, the scraps aren't in any condition to be sold," he says. "If you ask, Lowe's is happy to let you take them for your project."

In a recent Reddit thread, Lowe's shoppers happily shared their own experiences getting free lumber. "I came out with some premium 1/2 plywood and some nice 2×6 boards," said one.

"Some locations even have an area just outside the rollup door behind the lumber area where they'll stack up all their scraps, all you have to do is ask and they'll usually bring you out and let you pick through it," wrote another.

However, some said this wasn't allowed at their Lowe's location, so be sure to check with your local store.

You can attend free workshops.

Perspective shot of the interior of a Lowe's
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Hiring a professional to complete home improvement projects can get pricey. Luckily, Lowe's offers free seasonal workshops that can help you learn the tricks of the trade.

"For instance, during spring, you can attend a garden workshop on how to build a mini raised garden bed, plant potting, garden cart potting, and how to make a salsa garden," shares money-saving expert Andrea Woroch.

"Another benefit of joining these workshops is that you will usually get some free supplies to use," she adds. "For example, the How to Make a Salsa Garden workshop says you will get 'free soil, fertilizer, and an onion bulb.'"

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You can join free repair demos, too.

Lowe's Storefront Sign

In addition to the hands-on workshops Lowe's schedules, they also have running repair demos in-store on Saturdays and Sundays. "Lowe's experts share tips and tricks for home repairs you can do yourself," Woroch notes.

"Ask a store associate about the program and if it's available near you," she suggests. "Otherwise, you can find a selection of 'how-to' videos from Lowe's pros online."

You can sign your kids up for free workshops.

A Lowe's home improvement store sign

Lowe's also offers free workshops for kids where they can create something to take home. However, it's not just their craft they'll be taking with them.

"Kids who attend frequent workshops can earn freebies," notes Woroch. "Specifically, the program says if you complete 12 workshops you will earn the title of 'senior builder' and get a free tool bag with a tape measure and hammer."

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You can pick up free coupon books.

Front of a lowe's store

The workshop perks don't end there, either.

"Those who attend a workshop will also get a free coupon book, helping you save on select home repair products," shares Woroch. "Meanwhile, those who sign up for a free garden workshop can also get a coupon for $10 off $75!"

You can return select plants for free.

lowe's garden center
Ken Wolter / Shutterstock

This one isn't something you can get free right off the bat, but it's helpful to know that if you buy certain plants that don't bloom and grow, you can get your money back.

"Lowe's offers a 1-year plant guarantee which says you can get a free replacement for any tree, shrubs or perennials that don't survive the year that you purchased from the home improvement store," Woroch points out. "Just make sure to hold onto your receipt and bring the plant back to Lowe's to get your free replacement."

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You can use your receipts to get free Lowe's gift cards.

Rack of Lowe's gift cards
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It'll take a tiny bit of work on your part, but this trick is well worth the time to get free Lowe's gift cards.

"Take pictures of your Lowe's receipts using the free rewards app Fetch to earn points good towards gift cards to a variety of stores, which you can choose to redeem for a Lowe's gift card—53,500 points will get you a $50 Lowe's gift card," shares Woroch. "Check their special offers section to see which brands and products will get you the most points faster to rack up more free gift cards."

You can get free cash for shopping online.

Lowe's mobile app
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If you're shopping at Lowe's online, another insider trick Woroch recommends is to "click through a cashback portal like to earn money back on your purchase of up to 3 percent cash back."

"Considering home improvement materials, appliances and paint can be very pricey, spending hundreds to thousands of dollars, that cash back can add up fast," she points out.

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