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Lowe's Outlet Sells Appliances for 75% Off—Are They Just as Good?

Experts say this might help you get the most out of your home improvement budget.

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It's not exactly a secret that a trip to the outlets can be an easy way to save money on purchases. But while most deal hunters know discount shops are a reliable resource for some of their favorite fashion brands, few realize that major home improvement stores like Lowe's also operate stores for reduced-price products. This knowledge could help anyone upgrading their kitchen or laundry room without waiting for a sale or resorting to a secret discount. But are the stores actually worth the effort? Read on to learn more about Lowe's outlet chain that sells appliances for 75 percent off—and what experts think of their selection.

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Lowe's has nearly a dozen appliance outlet stores across the U.S.

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Waiting for a regular annual sale at your favorite home improvement store might be one thing when you're looking to repaint a room or build a new patio. But if a refrigerator, washing machine, or oven range suddenly gives out, you may not be able to afford to wait to replace it.

Thankfully, some shoppers might have the option of turning to a Lowe's appliance outlet. The home improvement retailer currently operates nine locations across seven states, according to the company's website.

Some shoppers have taken to social media to raise awareness about the lesser-known shops. In a video posted in June, TikTok user @beautifulhotmess67 shows a Georgia location advertising up to 75 percent off some items. The store in question carries items ranging from grills and oven ranges to fridges and fans—and even riding lawnmowers.

In a separate post, TikTok user @theofficialpree says she was "taken aback" by how much was available at another store.

"This is a good place if you're looking to find seasonal furniture, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, stoves, and refrigerators," she adds, noting that they are "almost pristine" and "not second-hand items."

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The items for sale will differ depending on when and where you're shopping.

Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse. Lowe's Helps Customers Improve the Places They Call Home III

Seasoned shoppers know that outlet shopping can take a little more energy and patience than a trip to a traditional store. And as you might expect, your success at Lowe's outlets could come down to luck, as merchandise will vary with each location and on the timing of new deliveries, says Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with

"Some may feature a ton of appliances while others could have a healthy mix of appliances, outdoor furniture, lawn equipment like mowers, and even lighting fixtures and fans," she says. "Shipments will also vary, so it may be worth your time to ask an associate how often deliveries are made: Some shoppers have reported that their stores receive trucks with new items daily."

Still, there are a few things you can expect from the items no matter where you're shopping. Ramhold says they could be discontinued and likely older products, and that they may be slightly used or have incurred cosmetic damage during shipment or storage.

"The severity of cosmetic issues can range pretty widely too," she tells Best Life. "Some may have slight dents or scratches that are barely noticeable, while others could have more obvious damage. Either way, the products should function normally, but it's good to look closely and ask any questions you may have before making a purchase."

She adds that discounts can vary depending on the location, but they tend to be anywhere from 30 to 70 percent off depending on what items you're shopping for.

"Just note that some items may also be eligible for extra savings, so be sure to look for signs near the products to see if they qualify—and don't be afraid to ask an associate if you don't see one," she suggests.

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Be sure to ask the right questions before making a purchase.

A row of washer and dryers for sale at Lowes hardware store appliance department.

The differences between outlets don't just stop at inventory and pricing: Ramhold says that any purchases could also be set in stone.

"If you're planning to shop at a Lowe's Outlet store, it's best to assume sales will be final, but be sure to ask before you make your purchase if you don't see a sign saying such," she suggests. "Some locations may allow 48 hours or so to test an appliance to ensure there are no issues. If something happens in that window, you may be able to return or exchange the item."

She also points out that it's essential to inquire about delivery right away.

"You may not be able to have the store deliver your item, so you may need to arrange to pick it up, and if you have to do it the same day, you'll want to be well-prepared," she says. "That said, there's a chance that some stores will allow you to purchase one day and pick up on another, but again, it's something you'll want to check—especially if you're having to make a trek to get to the store."

It's worth perusing a Lowe's appliance outlet if there's one in your area.

August 7, 2019 Sunnyvale / CA / USA - People shopping at Lowe's in South San Francisco bay area

Even with some of the hurdles involved, Ramhold concludes that Lowe's appliance outlets can be an excellent way to save money on big purchases. She says "it's well worth checking out" for anyone who happens to have a location in their area.

"The biggest thing to note is that these aren't off-brand products that no one has ever heard of. Instead, these are the same products you can find in Lowe's stores normally, just with slight cosmetic damage," she tells Best Life. "If they've been discontinued, it could be your last chance to purchase one of these items, so if there's something you're sold on, Lowe's Outlet stores are absolutely worth venturing to in order to find big-ticket items at more affordable prices."

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