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Home Depot Will Save You Money on These Household Essentials, Shoppers Say

The chain offers competitive pricing for those looking to avoid membership-only retailers.

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When you're looking to stock up on household essentials like garbage bags and paper towels, you probably head to bulk warehouses like Costco or big-box stores like Target. But shoppers are now sounding off that Home Depot's prices on these items may blow those other stores out of the water. In a recent TikTok video, @kissmehaze shared how her Home Depot detour led her to higher-quality products at a fraction of the cost.

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In a video that has since gone viral, the TikToker said she was astonished to learn that Home Depot sells about a year's worth of superior-quality trash bags for less than $20. She first got the idea to hit up the home improvement retailer from a friend. Skeptical, she paid a visit and was happily surprised by the store's trash bag selection.

"Whoever told me to go to Home Depot for my garbage bags was not lying. Look what I found and guess how much I paid," she said, before reversing the camera to show a 180-count box of 13-gallon, mint-scented trash bags.

"Oh, and it's tear-resistant can't forget that," she said of the tall kitchen drawstring bags. "I paid $19.97. And we about to find out how long these are gonna last me. It's February 2, let's see how long 180 bags lasts me."

In the caption, she encouraged everyone to pick up a box of their own. "I need to take my [expletive] down to home depot more often. Ya betta go get u one a these!" she wrote.


I need to take my arse down to home depot more often 😌🙃 ya betta go get u one a these! #homedepot #nyc #fyp

♬ original sound – kissmehaze

Shoppers who were also in the dark about Home Depot's low prices were just as surprised by her discovery.

One person commented, "Girl. Mint scented?!?!? I am runnin' to Home Depot… I LOVE ANYTHING MINT SCENTED. ANYTHING!!!!"

"Best place to get trash bags," another agreed.

"They are really good bags! Never had one rip, scent last long too," a fellow Home Depot shopper penned.

Several users were also eager to point out that Home Depot offers additional household essentials including paper towels, cleaning supplies, laundry care, and napkins at competitive low pricing.

"That brand at Home Depot but the paper towels are now my new favorite. They're .98 a piece but they are so good," one person suggested, to which someone else said in agreement, "Home Depot brand paper towels are the only thing we use."

"Cleaners & Detergent too! Always find them on clearance or marked down!" another person chimed in.

"People sleeping on Home Depot. They have so many things people get from Walmart or Target and it's cheaper going there!" a user wrote.

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However, some argue that you'll save even more by shopping at membership-only chains like Costco and Sam's Club.

Using the garbage bag example, a comment that's gotten more than 1,800 likes reads, "200 for $17 at costco."

"Sam's is cheaper & you get more," said one.

"I bought 500 CT 10 gallon bags at Costco, lasted me 15 months!!" said another.

Another TikToker commented, "Girl. Don't be buying them at the store. COSTCO. Oh. And I bought $25 worth of Tide pods in August of 2022…still working on them."

To that point, people noted that Home Depot is a more feasible option for those who don't want to pay a membership fee to shop at Costco and the like.

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