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Walmart Sells These Same 8 Food Products for Less Than Dollar Tree

You can save by choosing these options at your local Walmart.

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If you're a bargain hunter, Walmart and Dollar Tree are likely two places you frequent. Both tout low prices and great deals—but since Dollar Tree's standard price was upped to $1.25, it can be tricky to be certain about where you're saving the most. Now, TikToker @jenny_luna01 r says that Walmart is actually coming out on top and selling different food products "cheaper" than Dollar Tree (i.e., under the $1.25 mark). Read on to find out what she recommends buying from Walmart instead.

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Chef Boyardee Mini Ravioli

chef boyardee mini ravioli

At Dollar Tree, a 15-ounce can of these ready-to-eat ravioli will cost you $1.25, but at Walmart, a can is a bit cheaper, at $1.12, per @jenny_luna01's Nov. 22 TikTok video.


great value ketchup

A 14-ounce bottle of Great Value (Walmart's store brand) ketchup goes for 98 cents. At Dollar Tree, a bottle of 14-ounce Hunt's Ketchup is $1.25. There is, however, a larger, 24-ounce bottle of Vine Ripe Ketchup at Dollar Tree that you can get for $1.25 as well.

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great value yellow mustard

Mustard is also a little bit more affordable at Walmart if you go for an eight-ounce bottle of Great Value Yellow Mustard, which retails for 60 cents. If you're shopping at Dollar Tree, an eight-ounce bottle of French's Classic Yellow Mustard is at that $1.25 price point.

Macaroni & cheese

great value mac and cheese

A 5.5-ounce box of Great Value macaroni and cheese is just 58 cents at the Walmart where @jenny_luna01 shops—and just 43 cents online. A same-size box of Kraft Mac & Cheese is $1.25 at Dollar Tree.

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Pinto beans

great value pinto beans

Pinto beans "barely made the cut, but it counts," @jenny_luna01 says in the video. A one-pound bag of Great Value pinto beans at Walmart is $1.24, while one-pound bags are one-cent more expensive at Dollar Tree.


starkist tuna in water

A five-ounce can of Great Value Chunk Light Tuna in Water is just 96 cents at Walmart, @jenny_luna01 points out in a follow-up TikTok video—and a 5.5-ounce can of StarKist tuna is just $1.17. At Dollar Tree, a five-ounce can from StarKist is $1.25.

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Vegetable broth

great value vegetable broth

Great Value also offers more affordable vegetable broth, with 32-ounce cartons priced at 75 cents at the Walmart where @jenny_luna01 was shopping. When purchased online, the carton was on sale for $1 at the time of writing. However, both are still cheaper than the Kendale Farm option at Dollar Tree.

Green beans

great value cut green beans

Walmart's Great Value cut green beans are just 64 cents for a 14.5-ounce can. At Dollar Tree, you'll pay roughly double that for a Del Monte can of the same size. (At the time of writing, the same Del Monte can is also cheaper at Walmart, on sale for $1 when it's usually $1.48).

Be wary of brands and sizes.

A young woman shopping in a grocery store while holding a basket
Gorodenkoff / Shutterstock

In @jenny_luna01's videos, she is strictly identifying food items on Walmart shelves that fall under Dollar Tree's $1.25 price point. But keep in mind, the item may appear cheaper, but you could also be buying a smaller size or quantity.

Additionally, as Great Value is Walmart's store brand, these items are typically more affordable than name brands. Illustrating this, when Best Life compared the prices of name-brand products on Walmart's website with the same items on Dollar Tree's website, Walmart's prices were often higher.

For example, a 14-ounce bottle of Hunt's ketchup is $1.25 at Dollar Tree and $11.95 online at Walmart (the latter was on sale for $4.85 at the time of writing).

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