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Home Depot Shopper Shares $100 Hack to Upgrade Your Kitchen to "Marble"

Make your kitchen look super-luxe on a budget with this clever DIY trick.

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Who wouldn't want a marble kitchen? The stone looks luxurious and makes the whole room feel more expensive. It also comes with a hefty price tag that can be out of reach for many homeowners. But one savvy Home Depot shopper has discovered a super simple hack to upgrade your kitchen to "marble" for just $100, including flooring, countertops, and a backsplash. Curious to learn more? Keep reading for her ingenious home improvement project.

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Here's how you can DIY a faux marble kitchen.

If you haven't already gathered, this hack involves faux marble. TikToker @jaefinessssed shared a video of how she used gray marble-patterned peel-and-stick tiles—$1 each at Home Depot, she said—to refinish the kitchen floors of her New York City apartment.

She also used a gray and white peel-and-stick backsplash that mimics marble subway tiles, as well as peel-and-stick countertops that look like white marble with brown and gray veining. According to the DIYer, all three projects cost under $100.

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Home Depot has tons of peel-and-stick options.

Close up of a backsplash with Home Depot's peel-and-stick faux-marble subway tiles.
Home Depot

Though @jaefinessssed doesn't detail the exact products she used from Home Depot, a quick trip to the retailer's website shows very similar options.

The vinyl peel-and-stick tiles that look like Carerra marble are $31 per package, which includes a four-pack of 11.56" x 8.38" adhesives. According to the product page, they are "resistant to humidity and heat" and come with a 100-percent lifetime warranty. They're also a great option for renters, as they are "easily removable by heating the surface with a hairdryer and peeling them off."

As for the counters, a good match is the marble-print vinyl self-adhesive film, available for $15 for a 26" x 78" piece. The material is heat resistant up to 170 degrees, water-resistant, and "can be applied to glass, painted wood and laminate."

Finally, Home Depot sells faux-Carerra marble peel-and-stick vinyl floor tiles. For the 12" x 12" tiles, a case of 30 is about $42.

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There are other ways to get the marble look on a budget, too.

Product shot of Amazon's Giani marble paint kit

Peel-and-stick not for you? Social media is full of easy ideas to get a marble look on a budget.

For instance, DIY expert Kayla Cummings posted a video on TikTok of how she covered her kitchen counters with faux marble wallpaper and then epoxyed over it. On her lifestyle website, she explains that she used TotalBoat tabletop epoxy, which she says is "100% waterproof, it's scratch resistant, it's food-safe, and it will give a nice glossy finish."

TikToker @modernhouseevents actually painted her counters to get the marble look. She ordered the Giani marble paint kit from Amazon, which currently retails for $100 and includes a specialized primer, paint in "mineral colors" to draw on veins, and an epoxy resin top coat.

"It's super shiny and glossy, but it gives it that really high-end look that people love," @modernhouseevents concluded in her video.

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Or, you can use other materials.

Close up of Floor & Decor's porcelain tiles that look like marble
Floor & Decor

Another home improvement project making the rounds is the "slab backsplash trend," which involves covering the walls behind kitchen counters with a giant slab of marble instead of small tiles.

As detailed in a TikTok video, when @surryplace couldn't afford to upgrade to a marble slab backsplash, she instead chose 24" x 48" polished porcelain tiles that mimic real marble. She shares that she bought them from Floor & Decor for $5.99/square foot (they're now retailing for $6.29) and that the entire project cost $500, saving her thousands.

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