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Home Depot Shopper Has a Hack for Getting a Major Discount on Rugs

One TikTok user is sharing a sneaky way that you can save big money when buying a rug.

Even if you're shopping for smaller home essentials, like nails, a new hammer, or a gallon of paint, it's pretty easy to run up your bill at Home Depot. This is especially true if you're adding some big-ticket items like appliances or home furnishings to your order. However, if you're in the market for a new rug, specifically, there's a way you can save big and avoid that troubling total on your receipt. Read on to find out how one Home Depot shopper says you can score a major discount.

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A TikToker posted a now-viral video of the hack.


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A trending TikTok video offers a new suggestion for buying rugs at Home Depot, House Digest first reported. The video, posted by @sydniruth in January, has racked up 2.7 million views and over 172,000 likes—meaning you might find the TikToker's advice pretty clever, too.

In the video, the TikToker starts by saying, "This is a hack if you're looking to purchase a really large rug." She then goes on to show what she says is actually an eight-by-12-foot carpet.

While we sometimes use the words interchangeably, there's a difference between the two. According to Southern Living, a carpet is a floor covering that typically goes from wall to wall and is affixed to the floor. A rug is often smaller than the total square footage in the room, and it can be moved from place to place as it's not affixed to the floor.

She saved over $150.

rolled up carpets
Dmitry Markov152 / Shutterstock

According to @sydniruth, this distinction between carpets and rugs can help you save money when furnishing or redecorating.

"At Home Depot you can request pre-rolled carpet. This cost me 90 bucks," she said in the video. "Typically a rug of this size is gonna cost you about $250 to $275."

Worried this hack might land you with cut strips of carpet and raw edges? According to @sydniruth, she didn't have that issue. In the text overlaying the video, she notes that all of the edges on her pre-rolled carpet were already bound.

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Here's how you can score the same deal.

home depot shopping cart
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It's not difficult to cash in on these savings, as @sydniruth says you can ask a Home Depot associate to help you.

When a commenter asked, if they just "ask an employee for pre rolled carpet," the TikToker replied "yes." Another commenter said that you might want to specifically request a piece of carpet that's "bound," as they typically store those towards the back of the warehouse.

Shoppers were certainly excited as well. "This is exactly what I was looking for! Going tomorrow," one comment reads. Another added, "Girl. Carpet this size can cost thousands. Thank you for this!"

Others issued words of caution.

rolling out carpet on floor
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While some were thrilled to score an affordable deal, other shoppers warned that these carpets could end up damaging your floor.

"Not a hack," one commenter wrote. "This is missing the backing that area rugs have. It will sand and destroy existing flooring underneath without protection."

Another warned that it made floors look dirty, "Not a good idea…did this and the backing will come off as a white powder and just make a mess." Others said they weren't as lucky as @sydniruth and ran into issues where the edges weren't bound, leaving them with fraying carpet.

So, if you do decide to try out this hack, TikTokers recommend picking up a grip pad to go under your carpet. Not only will this help protect your floors, but it'll help you avoid any mess from those white flaky fibers.

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