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5 Products You Should Always Buy in Bulk, According to Retail Experts

You can save both money and time by purchasing these items in large quantities.

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You can save a significant amount of money by shopping at warehouse stores like Costco or Sam's Club—but it all depends on what you're buying. Whether you've been shopping at these retailers for years or you're a newer member, you might not realize which products are actually worth buying in bulk. Talking to retail experts, we gathered insight on the bulk items that will save you time, money, or both. Read on to discover the five products you should be stocking up on.

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Cleaning supplies

Closeup top view of unrecognizable home cleaning products with blue bucket and a mop on the side. All products placed on white tiled bathroom floor.

No one wants to find out they're out of detergent after they've already loaded their laundry machine. Susan Anderson, a retail expert and founder of the consumer-based firm The Worthy Goods, tells Best Life this can be avoided if consumers buy their cleaning supplies in bulk.

Cleaning products to buy in bulk include things like laundry detergent and dish soap, but also personal care items, like shampoo, soap, and toothpaste, according to Anderson.

At the same time, you'll need to buy carefully. "It's important to consider storage space and expiration dates, and to be mindful of the amount needed to avoid waste," Anderson adds. "Not all cleaning products are suitable for bulk purchases, as some may expire before they can be used or may take up too much storage space."

Toilet paper

packages of toilet paper
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There is at least one household item you won't need to worry about going bad when buying in bulk: Anderson says there's no reason not to make toilet paper purchases in large quantities.

"This is because it is a necessary product that never expires," she explains.

Muhammad Waqar, a retail expert and founder of the home improvement marketplace Build Pakistan, agrees, adding that toilet paper is the most "ideal product" to buy in bulk because doing so is beneficial for consumers in terms of money and time.

"It not only saves money, but also eliminates the hassle of running out of toilet paper at the most inconvenient time," Waqar says.

Office supplies

Colorful beautiful pen shelves in office supply store

Many of us started working from home during the pandemic, and while that switch was a game-changer, it does mean we're now personally responsible for having all the office supplies we need. If that's your situation, consider buying in bulk.

"Items like paper, pens, and printer ink can quickly add up in cost, especially for those who work from home or run a small business," Waqar says. "Buying these items in bulk can save money and ensure that you always have what you need."

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Pet supplies

A close up of a Yellow Labrador eating dry dog food out of a bowl
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Pet parents can also benefit from getting the things their furry friends need in one trip

"Litter, pet food, and treats can be bought in bulk, offering cost savings and decreasing the need for regular shopping trips," says Gareth Boyd, a financial expert and head of growth at

But just like cleaning supplies, you do need to consider the possibility of these things going bad. "Check the expiration dates and store them properly to ensure freshness," Boyd advises.

Even if you have a pet that consumes live insects, you can buy those in bulk, too, according to Jeff Neal, an animal expert who runs a live insect farm called The Critter Depot.

"The cost per cricket or roach is significantly less when you buy in bulk, even when you factor in shipping costs," Neal shares.

Electronic essentials

Batteries (very shallow DOF. focus is on the edge of the finger )

When it comes to powering your home, you surely use your fair share of batteries and lightbulbs. With that in mind, Boyd says it's smart to buy a large amount of both of these products at one time.

"Since lightbulbs have a long shelf life and are always used in households, buying them in bulk can save money and ensure you always have replacements," he notes.

Batteries also have a long shelf life and are essential for many electronic devices, Boyd adds.

"Purchasing batteries in bulk can result in significant cost savings and ensure you're always prepared for when they need to be replaced," he says.

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