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Shopper Says Dollar Tree Is "Upgrading" Its Beauty Section With These 14 New Finds

Spend less on your favorite makeup, skincare, and nail products with a Dollar Tree run.

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With high prices around every corner, shoppers are heading to their nearest discount stores for unbeatable deals. Recently, Dollar Tree has been earning ample praise for its wide array of budget-friendly products, from affordable home decor to hair accessories. But countless customers have called out Dollar Tree's beauty products, and now shopping influencer Queen Tay is letting her followers know that Dollar Tree has been "upgrading" the beauty section.

"Okay, I see you Dollar Tree," Queen Tay captioned her April 18 TikTok.

Read on to discover which 14 new Dollar Tree beauty finds she's praising.

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Cuticle oil

still from TikTok showing Dollar Tree cuticle oil

If you want to restore your dry and damaged nail beds, head to Dollar Tree. The first new beauty product Queen Tay displays in her video is a bottle of cuticle oil and nail strengthener from the brand b.Pure.

At just $1.25 for the bottle, Dollar Tree says that this product is "great for daily use [and] also a perfect gift for spa party favors, birthdays, and anyone who works a lot with their hands."


still from TikTok showing Dollar Tree micro-darts

Dollar Tree is now carrying micro-dart facial patches from the Korean beauty brand Freeman. This product uses moisturizing hyaluronic acid and nourishing peptides to improve the appearance of fine lines.

"These are the good patches y'all," Queen Tay says.

And at Dollar Tree, you'll likely spend less on these micro-darts, as the same product is currently being sold for more than $5 on Amazon.


still from TikTok showing Dollar Tree primer serum

Another b.Pure product now being sold at Dollar Tree is the Hydrating Primer Serum infused with Rose Oil.

"That sounds incredible," Queen Tay says.

In the comment section, another shopper confirmed that it's as good as it sounds.

"I love the rose oil primer," they wrote. "It makes my skin the perfect texture."

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Setting spray

still from TikTok showing Dollar Tree setting spray

Dollar Tree also has products to make sure your makeup stays put. The Le Mercerie Matte Finish Setting Spray is one item that Queen Tay says she has seen before at the retailer's store—but she still think it's helping "upgrade" the beauty section.

"That setting spray is elite," another user commented on her video.

Cleaning brush

still from TikTok showing Dollar Tree cleansing brush

Facial cleansing brushes can run you anywhere from $15 to much more than that—unless you head to your local Dollar Tree, that is.

In her video, Queen Tay points out that Dollar Tree is now selling an "electric cleaning brush for just $1.25."

Branded makeup

still from TikTok showing Dollar Tree Maybelline product

You may notice some more recognizable names in the beauty section of your Dollar Tree store now, according to Queen Tay.

"Who was going to tell me they have Maybelline, Covergirl? They have the brands now," she says while holding up one of the Maybelline products. "For $1.25—actual brands!"

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Liquid eyeshadow

still from TikTok showing Dollar Tree liquid eyeshadow

Aside from name-brand makeup, Dollar Tree has plenty of creative off-brand items.

"They have liquid eyeshadow pots in multiple colors," Queen Tay notes.

Pigment powders

still from TikTok showing Dollar Tree pigment eyeshadow powder

If you're not a fan of liquid eyeshadow, Dollar Tree also has regular loose eyeshadow pigments in multiple shades and styles.

"I think these are like bright or metallic," Queen Tay says while holding up a package of loose pigment powders.

Eyeshadow palettes

still from TikTok showing Dollar Tree eyeshadow palette

Want an entire eyeshadow palette instead? Don't worry, Dollar Tree's got you covered.

"This is all new to my store y'all. That's crazy," Queen Tay says. "All these eyeshadow palettes, I love them. Love them."

Pressed powders

still from TikTok showing Dollar Tree pressed powder

Queen Tay admits she is "curious about" Dollar Tree's pressed powders, asking, "How good are they?"

Fortunately, several people answered her in the comment section.

"I use the pressed everyday and it's sooo good," one person wrote. "I'm actually almost out and need to repurchase a new one!"

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Makeup brushes

still from TikTok showing Dollar Tree makeup brushes

If you need something to put your makeup on with, there are plenty of new options for you.

"They had a lot of different brushes from Wet N Wild, including a small eyeshadow and bent liner brush," Queen Tay shares.


still from TikTok showing Dollar Tree tweezers

Another useful tool you can pick up at Dollar Tree is a pair of tweezers—especially since they've only gone up in price at most other retailers.

"Tweezers are expensive. This definitely my go-to now," Queen Tay says while holding a pair being sold at her Dollar Tree.

Press-on nails

still from TikTok showing Dollar Tree press-on nails

It's not all makeup and skincare in Dollar Tree's upgraded beauty section. Queen Tay says the retailer also added new press-on nails in its stores, adding that she can vouch for how good they are.

"I started my press-on journey in the dollar store," she reveals.

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Nail gems

still from TikTok showing Dollar Tree nail gems

If you want to take things a step further with your nails, Dollar Tree is selling nail gems now, too.

"Y'all, go check it out," Queen Tay urges viewers.

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