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Dollar Tree Shoppers Share 6 New Brand-Name Dupes: "They're So Legit"

From skincare to craft supplies, they rival the real thing.

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For better or worse, we're living in the golden age of dupes. Name a product, and internet sleuths will find you more affordable options that are often just as effective. According to shoppers on TikTok, even Dollar Tree has gotten in on the fun. The retailer—which is famous for its $1.25 price point—has several items that rival name brands from labels like Dove, Cloud Slides, Glow Recipe, and more. Keep reading to see shoppers' favorite finds across categories. You just might stumble upon a dupe for a product you purchase often!

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Native Deodorant Dupe

In a recent TikTok video, creator @daniella.l.h.m said her Dollar Tree was "slaying with all the new dupes." Her favorite category was the deodorants and body sprays, including the Native Cucumber & Mint deodorant spray, which sells for $14.

Dollar Tree's version costs just $3 (which is somewhat rare for the store, which usually sticks to $1.25), and Danielle notes that it's paraben and aluminum-free like Native's. Look closely, and you'll see that even the bottles look similar!

Cloud Slides Dupe

If there's one thing we all have in common, it's that we want shoes that are as comfortable as running around on pillows. A few years ago, Cloud Slides went viral for doing just that—but at a $70 price point, they were out of reach for some.

However, TikTok creator @mhouser12 spotted them at Dollar Tree. "They got the Cloud sandal dupes back in from last year," she says. "They're only $1.25. I got the black ones last year, and they are so legit."

Buy a couple and stash them around the house for whenever you need a slip-on option.

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Glow Recipe Dupe

If you spend any time on social media, then you're probably familiar with Glow Recipe's viral skincare products. And if they're on your wish list, visit Dollar Tree.

TikTok creator @paigeconstantino found the serum, toner, and moisturizer in her store with similar bright pink packaging as the original, from Dollar Tree's B-Pure line. The items have similar ingredients, too, like watermelon acid, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid.

But do they work? In another video, creator @rachelxburrows called the products her favorite Dollar Tree item ever. "I say grab it," she says. "As a Glow Recipe girlie, I think the B-Pure one hits."

So does the price tag: While Dollar Tree's products are $1.25, Glow Recipe's are $35 for the toner, $40 for the moisturizer, and $35 for the serum.

Cricut Scraper Dupe


Did you guess the Dollar Tree dupe?? These Cricut dupes are great for crafters on a budget. #dollartreediy #dollartreedupes #craftersoftiktok #craftsupplies

♬ origineel geluid – hanna

The Cricut machine is a crafting tool with a cult following. It can be used to cut designs out of different materials. The machines and their accessories can be pricey, so TikTok user @bluefircrafts was excited to find some dupes at Dollar Tree.

"This scraper tool is just like the one from Cricut," she says. A similar spatula-like tool runs for about $9 if you buy it name-brand.

She also found a slew of other Cricut dupes, including a sticky mat for Cricut Joy and a scoring tool.

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Old Spice Dupe

old spice dupe dollar tree
Copyright @daniella.l.h.m5 / TikTok

We all need deodorant, so why not buy it cheap? "This is a dupe for Old Spice," says @daniella.l.h.m. Again, it costs $3 at Dollar Tree, but the original is around $9.

Dove Deodorant Dupe

dove deodorant dupe dollar tree
Copyright @daniella.l.h.m / TikTok

"They also have some dry sprays for women—this one is compared to Dove," @daniella.l.h.m says. "This is in the original scent and they also have one in the cucumber scent." These cost about $7 for the name brand.

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