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Dollar Tree Shoppers Find Olay Anti-Aging Dupes for Just $1.25

These three skincare products sell for much less than the name-brand.

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The secret to good skin often lies in the products you use. That doesn't necessarily mean the high-end brands—but it's hard to argue with big names like Olay, which offers some of the most popular anti-aging products on the market. These often range for anywhere from $20 to $40, which makes them not an expense everyone can justify. Fortunately, there may be a more affordable option you haven't heard about yet.

In Aug. 2023, a shopper named Rachel took to her TikTok account @rachelxburrows to let others know about the Olay anti-aging dupes they might be able to find at their local dollar store. The TikTok influencer, who refers to herself as "your budget friendly bestie," shared three body lotions she spotted at Dollar Tree from the brand B Pure. Read on to find out more about these $1.25 Dollar Tree Olay dupes.

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Vitamin C

vitamin c b pure beauty body lotion TikTok Olay dupe

The first dupe Rachel shows in her TikTok video is B Pure's Vitamin C body lotion, which is labeled as an "illuminating" skincare product.

"Provides revitalizing hydration that helps the skin appear more radiant," the bottle reads.

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collagen b pure beauty body lotion TikTok Olay dupe

The next lotion highlighted is the brand's Collagen formula—which appears to rank the highest for Rachel out of all three B Pure lotions.

"The collagen one is my favorite," she wrote in the caption of her TikTok.

Referred to as "revitalizing," this lotion "provides moisture that helps the skin appear firmer and hydrated," according to the bottle's label.

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Hyaluronic Acid

hyaluronic acid b pure beauty body lotion TikTok Olay dupe

The last B Pure product Rachel spots at her Dollar Tree is its Hyaluronic Acid body lotion. This formula is meant to be "hydrating," with the bottle stating that it "provides hydration to help skin appear smoother and softer."

Other Dollar Tree shoppers have also praised these Olay dupes.

b pure beauty body lotion TikTok Olay dupe

Rachel isn't the only one who's noticed these discounted dupes. In the comment section of her TikTok, other shoppers said they had bought the B Pure body lotions from Dollar Tree and were particularly impressed with one specific quality: the smell.

"I have all three—smells good. And yes they're dupes but they work and leaves skin amazing," one person wrote.

Another responded, "I found these! They smell amazing."

Shoppers have given the lotions a 5-star rating on Dollar Tree's website as well.

"Love the lightweight feel," one person wrote in their review. "The scent is not overpowering, and it makes my skin so soft!"

Another customer called them "luxurious lotions at an inexpensive price" in their review.

"These lotions are wonderful and comparable to a lotion that would cost [10 times] the amount. I have tried all three and really like all three," they wrote. "The lotion is not greasy and makes your skin feel amazingly soft. I hope these stick around and if they do will be a popular commodity, I would get them while you can!"

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