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Shoppers Reveal 14 Things They'd Never Buy From Dollar Tree Again

Some items from the dollar store should be left on the shelves.

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Look on social media, and you're almost guaranteed to find videos of Dollar Tree shoppers showing off their favorite underrated beauty products, brand-name bargains, and crafty decor ideas. However, that $1.25 price tag sometimes means you're getting exactly what you pay for. That's why we scoured TikTok to find the savvy shoppers who are sharing the items to steer clear of at the dollar store. Read on to find out what things they'd never buy from Dollar Tree again.

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Snack tower

Snack Tower Dollar Tree
Copyright @allthingsdollartree/TikTok

Caitlin Tetrault, who goes by @allthingsdollartree on TikTok, told her followers in a recent video: "I bet you didn't see this one coming. Here are a few items from Dollar Tree I would not buy again."

The first item on her list is a snack tower. Even though she likes the product itself, it's ultimately on her no-buy list because "it's not dishwasher safe and it's way too many pieces."

Pampa Egg Noodles

Egg Noodles Dollar Tree
Copyright @allthingsdollartree/TikTok

Some food at Dollar Tree should stay in the store. Tetrault notes that this brand of egg noodles seemed fine, "but they dissolved in water."

Trash bags

Trash Bags Dollar Tree
Copyright @allthingsdollartree/TikTok

Both Tetrault and Sarah Hardy (@sensationalfinds), another TikTok user who frequents Dollar Tree, advise against buying any type of garbage bag from the chain.

"They fell apart and put trash everywhere," says Tetrault.

"These are terrible quality, you don't get many in there, [and] they don't last," agrees Hardy in her own video.

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Batteries Dollar Tree
Copyright @sensationalfinds/TikTok

Hardy points to Dollar Tree batteries as another item that doesn't last. "Unless you're buying the high-drain batteries, you're getting ripped off," she says. "They're not good quality, and not worth buying."

Dollar Tree does sell some high-drain options, so make sure you're picking up the right ones.

Number and word balloons

Number Balloons Dollar Tree
Copyright @allthingsdollartree/TikTok

If your first instinct is to go to Dollar Tree when you need balloons to spell out a message or age, Tetrault says to think again.

"It seemed like such a great thing that you could buy number balloons and word balloons, but unfortunately, they don't last, they don't take the helium, and they pop instantly," she says.

Fairy lights

Fairy Lights Dollar Tree
Copyright @allthingsdollartree/TikTok

Another item Tetrault won't buy again is Dollar Tree's string lights: "Any of their fairy lights work, but they eat so many batteries so quickly."

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Bath & Beauty makeup brush cleaner

Makeup Brush Cleaner Dollar Tree
Copyright @mtagbeauty/TikToK

Melissa Tag (@mtagbeauty), a beauty expert who shares advice on TikTok, also pointed out some items on her no-buy list, including a makeup brush cleaner from the brand Bath & Beauty.

"This makeup brush cleaner, even in a pinch, it just does not work," she says. "And it really doesn't even clean the brushes."

Nail clippers

Nail Clippers Dollar Tree
Copyright @allthingsdollartree/TikTok

Tetrault shared that the nail clippers that come in gift sets from Dollar Tree "are worthless." She says, "They fell apart and won't even cut one nail."

Dreamology wax strips

Wax Strips Dollar Tree
Copyright @allthingsdollartree/TikTok

The Dreamology wax strips from Dollar Tree also make it onto Tetrault's skip list. For $1.25, she says they seem like a dream but aren't worth it: "It didn't pull anything off and just left an extreme sticky residue."

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Sassy + Chic facial hair removers and razors

Facial Hair Remover Dollar Tree
Copyright @mtagbeauty/TikToK

"This facial shaver is not a good option," says Tag about the Sassy + Chic facial hair remover. "It doesn't do anything."

Likewise, she says the brand's precision facial razors "are so dull that they actually might end up hurting you."

L.A. Colors lip duos

Lip Duos Dollar Tree
Copyright @mtagbeauty/TikToK

While L.A. Colors' two-in-one lip gloss and lipstick combo seems like a great deal, it might not even be worth the $1.25. Tag says "These smell really good and they look really good at first, but they don't last."

She also stays away from the lip crayons from the same brand: "There's just no pigmentation from them."

Rimmel London jelly blush and bronzer

Jelly Blush Dollar Tree
Copyright @mtagbeauty/TikToK

Dollar Tree sells jelly blush and bronzer from Rimmel London, but according to Tag, you should skip them. "They're horrible. They're very glittery," she points out.

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Global Beaty Care makeup wipes

Makeup Wipes Dollar Tree
Copyright @mtagbeauty/TikToK

Tag says the makeup wipes from the Global Beauty Care brand, both the retinol and charcoal versions, "are very rough" on the skin.

Shampoo and conditioner

Shampoo and Conditioner Dollar Tree
Copyright @sensationalfinds/TikTok

Hardy advises against buying shampoo or conditioner from Dollar Tree. "They don't have great quality, it's not great ingredients, they're always watered down, and they're totally not worth it," she says.

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