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4 Secrets for Shopping at Family Dollar/Dollar Tree Combo Stores

Plus, what the deal is with these stores anyway.

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If you're big on savings, then Family Dollar and Dollar Tree are likely two of your favorite spots. The two retailers have been part of the same company since 2015, and recently, they've joined forces and had a baby: the Family Dollar/Dollar Tree Combo Store.

"It's two great stores coming together—Family Dollar, ready to meet your family's needs, alongside Dollar Tree, with its thrilling offerings in seasonal, party, and crafting—to help you celebrate life's occasions," explains the corporate website.

Currently, there are around 810 Combo Stores open, and most of them are in rural areas with populations between 3,000 and 4,000. The stores are fully integrated, with some aisles sporting Dollar Tree's iconic green signage and others using Family Dollar's notable orange. There's no wall between the two or any other type of differentiation.

The company plans to expand the presence of these stores and has identified more than 3,000 potential markets. So, if you don't have one nearby now, you may soon. If you encounter a Combo Store, you'll want to know the best ways to shop. Here are the best secrets from shopping pros.

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Shop for both stores' items at once.

Los Angeles, California, United States - 02-01-2023: A view of several shelves dedicated to packages of Doritos chips, on display at a local grocery store.

While you may have once had to drive around town to shop at both Family Dollar and Dollar Tree, Combo Stores allow you to buy everything at the same time.

"You'll find a wide variety of budget-friendly grocery items that you would expect from a Family Dollar store, plus fun home decor and seasonal finds for which Dollar Tree is so beloved," says Marie Clark, retail expert and editor of the shopping site CostContessa.

Of course, exploring both offerings can be lots of fun. "For those who've primarily only had access to one of the brands, be sure to check out the items the other is known for to find more great deals," Clark adds.

Both stores are famous for selling discounted name-brand products, so peruse slowly. You might find some real treasures!

Use manufacturer coupons.

Large stack of money saving coupons.

Just like both Family Dollar and Dollar Tree locations, you can use manufacturers' coupons for your purchases at Combo Stores.

To find manufacturers' coupons, visit the company's site and look for printable coupons. Corporations like P&G, Colgate, and Clorox all have them. Make sure the item you purchase matches the exact coupon description, including the brand, size, quantity, and color.

You might walk away with a few items that ring up as totally free. If the value of the coupon is higher than the price of the item at the store, you do not receive cashback.

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Get familiar with the sales cycle.

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Family Dollar/Dollar Tree Combo Stores don't currently have their own coupon fliers or apps (like Family Dollar, which offers Smart Coupons). And unfortunately, the Family Dollar app doesn't work for Combo Stores.

However, the sales calendar isn't all that hard to guess. "Familiarize yourself with weekly ads for both stores, which often feature discounts on household goods, groceries, and seasonal items," says Bhavin Swadas, founder of CouponSaturn. There's a strong chance your Combo Store has similar seasonal items on clearance.

Expect lots of $1 deals soon.

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If Dollar Tree's switch from $1 to $1.25 in 2021 turned you off to the brand, then keep your eye on the store—and its offerings at Family Dollar/Dollar Tree Combo Stores—in upcoming months.

In June, CEO Rick Dreiling said the shop would start rolling back prices to the $1 level they'd been at since the store opened in 1986, reports The Ascent by Motley Fool. However, of the approximately 8,000 items the store sells, only 300 to 400, or 5 percent, will move to the $1 price point. Still, 25 cents here and there adds up!

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