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10 Target and Walmart Items You Can Get for Way Less at Dollar Tree, Shopper Shares

A savvy customer found better deals on products ranging from wine glasses to throw blankets.

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Part of the draw of shopping at retailers like Target and Walmart is that they make it pretty easy to find a deal whether or not there's a sale. But even with their vast inventories and low prices, the two mega-retailers can still face some stiff competition from dollar stores on specific products. Now, one shopper has taken to social media to point out that a few things are way cheaper when you buy them from a popular bargain chain instead. Read on for the Target and Walmart items you can get for way less at Dollar Tree.

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Throw Blankets

Cozy couch with a throw blanket

In a video posted to TikTok on Sept. 20, user @paige.moeller highlights a trip through an "absolutely massive" Dollar Tree store to find and compare deals to those of big box stores.

One of the first items she grabs from the "Dollar Plus" is from the "big selection" of throw blankets, which the store sells for $5. Moeller then points out that Target sells similar throw blankets for twice the price, retailing at $10 for essentially the same item.

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Candlestick Holders

A pair of antique candlestick holders
Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Candles can be an affordable way to set the perfect ambiance at home, especially if you get a good deal on them to begin with. Moeller points out that Dollar Tree has "pretty simple" candlestick holders that shoppers could "easily DIY to make them look a little more nice."

She notes that the transparent glass, long iron, and gold candlestick holders cost just $1.25 at Dollar Tree. But Target sells a version of the item that "looks similar" for as much as $20, or $6.66 apiece as part of a set.

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Shower Scrubber

A woman taking a shower
FG Trade/iStock

Dollar stores can be a good resource for everyday items like shower products, including items for cleaning yourself. Moeller points out that her Dollar Tree location carries a "scrubby" pad that's great for bathing—even though it's stocked in the store's kitchen section.

The bargain chain's version sells for just $1.25. However, she compares it to a very similar shower scrubber by Boie USA sold at Target for $9.99.

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hair thinning

Other toiletry items made their way onto Moeller's list, including a small tease hairbrush she says she likes to use to "slick back her wispies."

"They have them at Walmart on sale—normally they're about $8," showing an Anself Boar Bristle 8.5" Teasing Brush posted on the Walmart website marked down to $3.99. However, that's more than three times more than the Dollar Tree price of $1.25.

Hair Elastics

A close up of a woman tying a hair elastic into her hair

And it's not just brushes: Moeller carries on with hair products by pointing out hair elastics available at Dollar Tree.

"They all break just as much as any other ones, I feel like," she points out. "But at least [here] they're $1 instead of $4 to $6 [at Target]? Crazy."

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Fake Eyelashes

eyelashes things no woman over 50 should own
New Africa/Shutterstock

The savvy shopper then moves over to the cosmetics section, where she hones in on one item Dollar Tree does a good job stocking.

"Lashes—hear me out!" she says. "There's always weird, unique, cool lashes here that you could try without breaking the bank." She points out that compared to the $1.25 at the dollar store, similar items cost $4 to $7 at Target.

Beauty Sponges

beauty box, set of female cosmetics, crumbly matte mineral powder and blush with a beauty blender for makeup on a blue pink and purple background. Flat lay. Top view.

Continuing in the beauty section, Moeller picks up another everyday essential: Makeup sponges. She showcases a three-pack of the item, saying they're her "favorite" and cost just $1.25. And while she adds the caveat that "you can't really buy them anywhere else," she says a similar three-pack by E.l.f. Cosmetics sells at Target for $12.

She also points out a four-pack of mini sponges she regularly buys from Dollar Tree. But she then compares it to a single E.l.f. powder puff that sells at the big box store for $12.

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Lip Balm

woman applying lip gloss

Moeller also showcases a "viral pH lip balm" she's purchased from the store that she says is "worth the hype."

When shopping for a comparable item, she says the only similar product she came across was the Winky Lux Flower Balm sold at Target. However, the Bullseye retailer sells the item for $17—much higher than the $1.25 product found at Dollar Tree.

Wine Glasses

Pouring white wine into glasses in autumn day, soft focus

Dollar stores can be a great resource for affordable home items on a budget, including stemware. Moeller says this is especially true compared to big box retailers.

"Hear me out: When you're ballin' on a budget, you just want a wine glass that works, okay?" she says in the video. "These look cute, and they're not nearly as expensive as a four-pack [from Target]," showing a comparable product sold in a set of four that costs $10 apiece.

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Can Openers and Pizza Slicers

Metal Opener

No matter what kind of cook you are, it can be hard to get very far in the kitchen without essential tools on hand. Moeller points out that "you might as well spend a fifth of the price for basically the same thing" on basic utensils at Dollar Tree, comparing a pizza slicer from Target that costs $5.39 and a can opener that costs $4.99.

However, these items did spark some heated debate in the comments about the longevity of the products. "Get the can opener at Target or Walmart. Trust me," one user warns. "Made the same mistake 4x buying it at Dollar Tree."

"I veto the can opener as well, don't do it" another user agrees.

But another user says they had no issues with theirs. "My Dollar Tree can opener lasted me like, five years," they write. "I only replaced it because I accidentally threw it away."

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