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5 Secrets Aldi Doesn't Want You to Know

Helpful tidbits that will give you a better shopping experience.

With its private-label products and specialty items that are way less expensive than big name grocery stores, it's no wonder that Aldi is so popular. And it's not just food you can score at the international grocer, the company has new deals every week on things home decor, candles, and holiday items that keep people coming back for more. But even if you're a regular Aldi shopper, you may not know everything your favorite discount grocery store has to offer. Keep reading to find out all the Aldi ins and outs.

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Aldi has a great return policy.

People in the Checkout Line at Aldi
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Known as their "Twice as Nice" or double back guarantee, Aldi's return policy is unbeatable. "They will replace the product and provide a refund," Julie Ramhold, a consumer analyst with tells Best Life, whereas most stores only do one or the other.

For example, Kroger will let you return your item and they'll give you your money back, but if you want a replacement you have to purchase it yourself.

In a video on TikTok, Casper Capital explains that as long as you have your receipt you can return things if you're not fully satisfied. You can return food if it's moldy or not as fresh as Aldi promised and they won't ask you any questions.

Non-food Aldi Finds (which are their limited-time offerings that change every week), alcohol, and national brands are not included, according to Aldi's website. While you might not be able to get the refund and replacement on these items, Aldi will offer you one or the other.

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Certain days have fresh produce and new deals.

Aldi Finds
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To get the best deals and highest quality items, you should shop on Wednesdays or Sundays depending on where you live.

"This is when they put out new deals on fresh produce, meat, fish, and pantry items," Queenie Tan, who goes by @investwithqueenie on TikTok said in a video.

This is also when store also rolls out its new ads and updates the Aldi Finds section, an area in the store with specialty items such as unique foods, home goods, pet toys, and gardening tools. So if you come on these days, you'll get first dibs on everything they've restocked.

Ramhold adds that you may want to wait until the afternoon to shop, depending on your local store. Some stores don't change out their stock until the afternoon, so early birds might not get the worm in this case.

"If you don't see something you want right away, be sure to check back over the next couple of days," she says.

Check the website before you shop.

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Every Aldi store has different deals and while they don't price match, you can look online at your store specifically to see what might be going on sale the following week. For example, certain fruits and veggies get discounted every week. You can also sneak a peek at the upcoming Aldi finds where anything from cleaning supplies to clothing to household items (think hangers, area rugs, or throw pillows) are all found at a lower cost

Ramhold mentions that if you know you want something, you can plan ahead of time to grab it before it's sold out. All you have to do is enter your zip code to find which products are specifically discounted for your location.

"You can usually get a glimpse of the next week's Aldi Finds, which are the limited time offers that tend to sell out quickly," she says. She also recommends looking at the site before the middle of the week because it's right when everything gets restocked.

Stick to the Aldi brand.

Aldi Brand Ice Cream

Aldi prides itself on stocking high-quality items for a lot less money than other retail giants. It's a great place to purchase pantry essentials including bread, fresh produce, frozen foods, snacks, and dairy products. While they do carry name brands for some things, it's best to stay with the Aldi brand, which is "up to 50 percent less expensive than competing brands and still provides excellent quality and value," says Jeanel Alvarado, a retail expert at RETAILBOSS

Cayla, @aldigirl_usa on TikTok, agrees. "For a lot of these name brand items in store, Aldi has their version and they're usually right next to each other and way cheaper," she explained in a video.

If you're looking for name brands, Aldi is not your best bet. The deals aren't going to be as good and you can definitely get them elsewhere for less money, Ramhold tells Best Life. Plus, Aldi doesn't stock as many of the big names because they know their products are top tier. >

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"Aldi may not be the ideal location to shop if you're searching for convenience because they don't sell many processed items or ready-to-eat meals," Alvarado says. The stores also doesn't have a deli counter, so if sliced turkey or ham is a staple for you, you'll have to look elsewhere.

While most of the discounts Aldi offers are worth it, some items, especially big name brands, will likely cost the same if not more. You'll probably save more money at somewhere like Walmart or Target.

"Toiletries are not a good deal, so just skip them," said Becky, who goes by @freebielady on TikTok. The Aldi brand does not have things like deodorant, hair care, or body care items, so even though they do have them in store, they are at a higher price point and won't go on sale, reports Taste of Home. If you're in a pinch it's fine to pick up shampoo or a tube of toothpaste, but don't rely on Aldi for these types of things on a regular basis if you're trying to save money.

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